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Battle For Graxia Coming Soon

Battle For Graxia

Open beta testing is about to end on the upcoming Battle For Graxia game as the full version is about to be released by the end of this month. The release date that the developers are all hoping for is April 24th which will see the game delayed by roughly a week.

That’s not too long considering some of the other popular video games that have been put back by months. The Battle For Graxia Forums have most of the details that you’ll need if you’re interested in finding out more information on the MOBA. News on some new features and content can be seen with some interesting conversations going on.

There’s also going to be a tournament announcement in the coming weeks which should excite the games fan-base. The developers are basically looking for feedback at this minute from fans on what they feel needs to be improved. We’ll post on here as soon as the official launch day commences.

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Game History & Story

Battle For Graxia was a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by Petroglyph Games and published by Hi-Rez Studios. It was released on Steam on June 27th, 2013, and was available for Windows. The game was set in a fantasy world called Graxia and featured several playable heroes, each with unique abilities and strengths.

Players were tasked with leading their team of heroes to victory by destroying the enemy team’s base, called the Vesper Core. Along the way, they could level up their heroes, earn gold to purchase new items and equipment, and strategically capture points on the map to gain an advantage.

The game’s visuals were bright and colourful, with detailed character models and environments that ranged from lush forests to desolate wastelands. Battle For Graxia also featured an immersive lore that expanded the game’s universe and provided backstory for each of the heroes.

Unfortunately, Battle For Graxia did not gain the same level of popularity as other MOBAs like League of Legends or Dota 2. As a result, Hi-Rez Studios announced in August 2014 that the game would be shutting down on October 14th, 2014.

Overall, Battle For Graxia offered an enjoyable and unique take on the MOBA genre, with its vibrant visuals and rich lore setting it apart from other games in the genre. Though it may no longer be available to play, it remains a fond memory for those who experienced it during its brief run.

Battle For Graxia
Battle For Graxia

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