Disney Gives EA Exclusive Rights to Star Wars Games

Star Wars Games

On May seventh 2013, Disney decided to give Electronic Arts the exclusive rights to all the Star Wars games. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you know that Electronic Arts have been around since 1982. Both Star Wars and EA are over thirty years old combined. Overall, these two companies combined experience makes for a match made in heaven.

As a kid growing up in the eighties, you would have learned about Luke and Leia and the Force. This sparked your imagination allowing you to pretend for hours. For Halloween you could be a storm trooper, C3PO, or the Wookie (Chewy).

Many of us plunked quarters in the big boxes with joysticks wanting to get to the next level in Dragons Lair. Computers took off in the 1980’s and everyone who had a Personal Computer had an Electronic Arts game, or at least one. The video game series “The Sims” took off, and it has been perfected so much, that the modern day versions of the game are even being played today.

Today you can get Dragons Lair on your Iphone. Kids today don’t experience the Arcades of the past. Disney and Electronic Arts is just a no-brainer of a marriage. Putting all that we thought that we could do into a component in a movie, then to put the movie on the gaming console that many of us use today is just genius.

The kids of Star Wars will now be able to play out the movie on a top quality video game and have better effects than the original movie. What types of games could there be in the future? The Star Wars books were plentiful and you could read ahead hoping that another Star Wars movie came out, when it took a while for creator (George Lucas) to come out and produce another movie.

This created much hype, and EA Games & Disney can play on this hype to their advantage. They could follow the series in and move forward from the current movies. With the advent of the internet, the Star Wars theme could be fulfilled in real life.

We can now see what is happening live across the world and react to this. Previously we had to read about it in the local newspapers. Technology is slowly catching up to the movies, so the video games will become all the more exciting.

We’re sure one of the new games will be online and in real-time with effects and visualisations that will blow your mind. Disney has been in the business of wooing the audiences for a very long time. In-fact, they’ve been around for a lot longer than 1982, more along the lines of the 1920’s.

Merging the effects of cartoons and video games will be a challenge and a joy for this couple we are sure. With all the effects and tools of today we’re to expect something different and explosive from these two major historic creators of entertainment.

Disney has brought us Disney Land and Disney World, what do they have in store for us with Star Wars? EA will likely help Disney bring you on board the destroyers of the Millennium falcon. We hope that these games will bring on the next generation of imagination gamers that are also Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Games
Star Wars Games

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