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Google Play Officially Launches Games Service For IOS

Google Play Game Services

Google Play App store now has game service for IOS and Android devices

Google have now officially launched a game service package on the Google Play app store. The impressive suite of services offers cloud saves, adds leaderboards, achievements and multiplayer.

It’s been described as “a core part of building a gaming platform for the next generation of games.” All of these services are available through IOS, Android and other connected devices. This means that developers will now be able to support cross-platform saves, and quite possibly even multiplayer as well.

The multiplayer feature will be available through Google Plus which has had a complete makeover today when we had a little look. Google are always looking to better their features and customer satisfaction. The new and improved G Play app store is no different. You can check out the Google Play app store games service yourself and see what’s on offer.

Google Play Game Services
Google Play Game Services


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