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Arma 3 Alpha Beta Testing Begins

Arma 3 Alpha Beta

The closed beta testing for Arma 3 Alpha has begun via Steam, and is currently available to anyone who decided to pre-purchase Bohemia Interactive’s unique military shooting game through the Steam Early Access program.

The beta will focus more on military logistics and heavy firepower in an attempt to diversify the game. It also includes playable content from Arma 3 Alpha which is as follows:

  • 4 challenges
  • 20 weapons
  • The scenario editor and modding support
  • The 20km island of stratis
  • 4 multiplayer scenarios
  • 18 vehicles
  • 8 showcase missions
  • 3 factions

You can obtain all of this from the Steam community and instantly enjoy playing the shooter within minutes.

Arma 3 Alpha Beta
Arma 3 Alpha Beta


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