State of Decay Issued Second Patch Update

State of Decay Patch

Undead Labs have issued a second patch update for their hugely successful title State of Decay. The title update will get rid of all the bugs and glitches that have been found in the Xbox Live Arcade game and fix them with immediate effect.

State of Decay Update
State of Decay Update

The short list of what has been permanently fixed can be viewed below:

  • The survivor “Quentin” has had his story fixed when players refuse request to talk to the sheriff, which now allows progression in the storyline
  • The overall analog stick sensitivity has been dramatically improved
  • In the Armory mission, pathing issues for soldiers and zombies has now been addressed
  • Screen tearing has been completely eliminated
  • Characters will no longer get trapped in the passenger seat when attacked by a zombie as you enter the vehicle
  • The Hockey Stick weapon will now be displayed correctly
  • All of the mission opportunity timeouts will now pause when players aren’t playing

For the full list of bug fixes, check out this page from the official Undead Labs forums. The game developers did try to release a patch update the other week for the open world zombie title, but it wasn’t that successful. They’re hoping that this latest patch will clear all the technical issues that’s plagued the game since launch.

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State of Decay has been a massive hit with video gamers, selling well over 250,000 copies in it’s first 48 hours of going live. Since last week however, it’s made half a million sales and that numbers growing all the time. There’s also talk of a special MMO sequel on the way too, so stay tuned on any news regarding that.

State of Decay Patch
State of Decay Patch

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