State of Decay Out Now On XBLM

State of Decay

Microsoft have released zombie horror game State of Decay on the Xbox Live Marketplace today. The title has been developed by Undead Labs and is an open world third-person shooter with flesh eating zombies roaming all over the place.

A trial version is currently available for Xbox gamers to download or the full version is going to cost you 1600 Microsoft Points, or £13.71/$20/€19.20 in real money. As for the space it’s going to take up, it’s not much at all, a measly 1.81 GB. With such a low requirement for space, there’s probably going to be a few DLC packs and patch updates that will contribute to the rest over-time.

The title is a typical zombie game with the biggest outbreak of the undead ever and a small group of survivors have to fight their way to survive all the horror. Nothing unique or that we haven’t seen before, but it should still be a whole lot of fun blowing off zombies heads and all that.

The great addition to this version though, is that fact that you can fortify and specifically design your own base to keep out all of the life-threatening creatures and make a nice peaceful home for your characters to relax in. You can also come to the rescue of other survivors and bond with them creating a new relationship along the way.

The really cool part of the horror though, is the feature of raiding all of the shops in sight to find food, drinks and ammunition to keep you and your fellow comrades alive.

State of Decay was first announced way back in 2011, but then nothing was heard of for a while. Then in mid 2012, suddenly it was back on and is now available via the XBLM. A PC edition is supposedly on the way, but no release date has been confirmed as of yet.

State of Decay
State of Decay

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