Dragon’s Dogma Quest Coming To PS Vita

Dragon's Dogma Quest PS Vita
Dragon's Dogma Quest
Dragon’s Dogma Quest

2D action RPG Dragon’s Dogma Quest is coming to PlayStation Vita this fall is has been announced. The RPG will come with over 150 jobs, villages, towns, sub-quests and monsters.

Groups of eight can be uniquely formed between four of your very own Pawns and four of your friends Pawns. Part-time gamers will not be happy to hear that there will also be microtransactions. Players will act as an Arisen in the game who’ll command and level up the Pawns during battle.

It offers a strategic, turn-based combat system. Players create a party of characters and embark on quests, battling various monsters and enemies along the way. The game emphasises tactical decision-making and party composition.

Players explore different locations, take on quests, and engage in battles. The game features a variety of quests with different objectives, including defeating powerful monsters, rescuing NPCs, and uncovering hidden treasures. The game allows players to choose from various character classes for their party members. Each class has unique abilities, skills, and playstyles, adding depth to the gameplay and strategic options.

The game’s director is Masanori Komine, and the executive director is none other than Hideaki Itsuno.

Dragon's Dogma Quest PS Vita
Dragon’s Dogma Quest PS Vita

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