Worms Revolution Extreme PS Vita Edition Announced

A PlayStation Vita edition of Worms Revolution Extreme has been officially announced today!

It will come with 25 puzzles that will have environments such as Mars, Medieval, Sewer, Beach, Farmyard, Funfair and Spooky. This is all in a single-player campaign that consists of well over 47 unique missions.

The title will also have a cross-play mode which is entitled the Cross-Gifting feature namely called Treasure Mode. Gamers will be able to play with other friends that have a PS Vita or PlayStation 3 console and unlock 10 special gifts with a super cool lock and key system.

Players will have the choice on whether to play with online or local multiplayer battles with up to four players in total via classic, fort and death-matches. Worms Revolution Extreme is set to be released at the Q3 2013 via the PS Store.

Worms Revolution Extreme

Worms Revolution Extreme

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