FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends Trailer, Xbox One Exclusive

A new game mode entitled FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends was unveiled at Microsoft’s Xbox One press event in Cologne, Germany today. The new trailer can be viewed below:

Electronic Arts did confirm that the mode would contain the best footballing legends from all across the beautiful game’s long history. It is to be an Xbox One exclusive, and not available on any other platform.

FIFA 14 Xbox One

FIFA 14 Xbox One

The trailer showcases players old and present players showing their shooting skills off. This new mode should go down nicely with football fans right across the globe, and it’ll also create a good few debates on who the best player of all time really is or was.

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  1. […] with all the current-gen stat being able to be imported over to both the next-gen machines. The FIFA 14 Ultimate Team legends mode which was detailed at gamescom 2013 this week, will be an Xbox 360/One […]

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