Origin Start Offering Refunds On All EA Games In 20 Countries


EA Games have decided to implement a brand new policy that’s called the “Origin Great Game Guarantee”, which allows gamers to return a title that they’re not fully satisfied with and ask for a refund.


An announcement was made, via a post on the official Origin website, and it shed some light on how people can go about gaining the refunds. The offer only applies within seven days of launch for pre-orders, within seven days of purchasing it or in the very first 24 hours after you first play a game.
Literally whichever of the conditions above apply first.

It’s best to check out the full policy and terms and conditions at the Origin website by clicking here first though. Just some of the major points worth mentioning though, are; that this only applies to games that are purchased directly through Origin.

If you buy a game somewhere else, but then decide to activate it through Origin, you’ll still have to take it back to the original retailer that you bought it off and request a refund off of them. Third-party titles are also not included the great game guarantee, only EA Games apply.

To setup starting a refund with a game that you’re not quite happy with, all you have to do is find it in your order history, then click the appropriate link, and then you’ll be asked to answer a few quick questions. Just simply suggest you’re reasons for the return, like the title was incompatibility with your hardware, and you’re done.

The Origin refund policy started today and is available in over 20 countries at this moment in time. By September 30th, it’s expected to go live in other regions and territories of the world as well. So if you don’t have it n your country just yet, wait till the end of next month and don’t panic.

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