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Hotline Miami 2 To Include Unlockable Hard Mode

Hotline Miami 2 Hard Mode

If you wouldn’t have found it extremely challenging and difficult already, Hotline Miami 2: Wong Number is to have a new hard mode included as an unlockable feature Dennaton Games have revealed. The developers are also chatting about creating some characters that will have a bit more personality too.

Hotline Miami 2 Hard Mode
Hotline Miami 2 Hard Mode

A team member of Dennaton called Dennis Wedin told polygon in an interview that a hard mode difficulty setting can be unlocked in each of the game’s levels by the player earning a C+ grade or greater. The extreme mode will make enemies even more harder to kill, it will make your character lose some abilities, and even take away the option to lock on to enemies to make it even more difficult.

The decision to add this setting, was because of a variety of feedback from fans saying that the game was a little too easy according to Wedin. He also mentioned about the leaderboards and how the developers wanted to test the best players that little bit more.

Wedin discussed more in detail as well, where he went on to say that more playable characters are going to be in the upcoming action title. They’ll have their own story-lines which is a bid for the gamers playing, to get a better idea of their characters in the long run.

He referred to Jacket as being the only character in the first game, and that this will add more variety.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number hits the PS Vita, Linux, PC, PlayStation 4 and Mac next year.

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