Port Royale 3 Gold Hits PC & PlayStation 3 Today

Kalypso Media have announced that Port Royale 3 Gold is officially out today on the Windows PC and PlayStation 3 consoles. The game is a repackaged release of the highly popular Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants title and even includes 3 downloadable content packs that come with it on a disc.

Port Royale 3 Gold

Port Royale 3 Gold

The game is set in 17th Century Caribbean, where players must go on an adventure which involves four great countries that are France, England, The Netherlands and Spain. Players take control of an extremely young captain that has dreams of becoming a truly inspirational captain, as he tries to gain his fortune and reputation on his epic journey.

Port Royale 3 Gold

Port Royale 3 Gold

There’s three campaigns to get though in all, which each contain three separate paths for the youngster to choose from that are entitled Pirate, Trader and adventurer. A scenario Mode is also available to try your luck at, which will enhance your overall skills greatly. You’ll get a score after you’ve finished which can be compared to other players in the online ranking system.


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