Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Update Will Add New Fighter Marie Rose

Marie Rose Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate

Team Ninja who’re the developers of the massively successful fighting simulator Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate have revealed that a new update is due in February next month. The update will introduce a brand new fighter to the game named Marie Rose, and she’ll become available in the spring.

Marie Rose Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate
Marie Rose Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate

The fighting title just got an enhanced tag team version which allows players to form teams of two fighters and engage in tag team battles. Players can switch between characters during a fight, strategizing their attacks and taking advantage of unique tag team combinations.

Team Ninja’s boss Yosuke Hayashi did in-fact confirm that patch 1.04 will be arriving at some point next month. Arcade fighter Marie Rose won’t be included in the February update, she will actually arrive in the spring instead. It’s not clear yet on whether she’s available for just Japan, or the rest of the world.

Marie’s fighting style is solely based on a traditional Russian martial art entitled Systema, which is a military styled approach. Do you want to see her come onto the console versions of DOA5U? Let us know your thoughts and leave your comments in the box below.

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