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Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Screens Reveal New Tag Team Mode

DOA5 Ultimate 2v2 Screen 4

For the very first time in the franchises long and successful history, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is to receive a 2v2 tag team mode. Developers Team Ninja gave details on a host of new multiplayer features that the fighter is going to be getting in the not so distant future.

DOA5 Ultimate Tag Team News
DOA5 Ultimate Tag Team News

Some of the features that are also included: a collection of costumes to unlock that come up to a total of 231, lower search times for matches, and much smoother online play. The costumes can be unlocked by simply competing and winning various online matches to unlock the massive selection available.

We’ve also got some screenshots that show off the newly announced 2v2 tag-team mode in our footer section below.

The popular fighting title is due out on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 3rd next month. There’s also a free-to-play edition that’s going to arrive on the PlayStation Network soon too.

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