Total War: Rome II Trailer Showcases Multiplayer

Yet another Total War: Rome 2 trailer has hit the net, the new addition comes in the form of a let’s play type video. it focuses generally on the multiplayer mode that the game’s going to have implemented this year. A small group of the Creative Assembly team do the honours of the commentary, and then they showcase a large multiplayer battle full of gameplay.

Total War Rome 2 Multiplayer Trailer

Total War Rome 2 Multiplayer Trailer

Multiplayer designer Elliot Lock and Community Team’s Trish Ryniak locki horns as they do battle with one-another. Elliott plays the part of Pontus, and Trish plays the role of Parthia, as they fight to the death in the gor map in an epic unfortified city assault. Elliot takes charge and does most of the commentary throughout the video.

He explains how the brilliant interactive campaign map allows for literally thousands of new battle types and battle grounds. he also chat about the titles new multiplayer features briefly as well.

Total War: Rome II fights it’s way to the Windows PC on September 3rd 2013.

Via Blues News

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