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Total War Rome 2 Multiplayer Trailer

Total War: Rome II Trailer Showcases Multiplayer

Yet another Total War: Rome 2 trailer has hit the net, the new addition comes in the form of a let’s play type video. it focuses generally on the multiplayer mode that the game’s going to have implemented this year. A small group of the Creative Assembly team do the honours of the commentary, and […]

Total War Rome 2 Naval Screen 2

New Total War: Rome II Naval Warfare Footage

Publishers “Sega” and developers “The Creative Assembly” have launched a brand new video for their upcoming strategy title Total War: Rome 2, that involves naval warfare. The game is a PC exclusive and the eighth standalone game in the entire Total War series. The latest footage focuses on the naval units and the tactics that […]

Total War Arena

Total War: Arena Access Granted For Rome 2 Owners

Sega have announced that all owners of upcoming strategy game Total War: Rome 2 will be granted special access to the company’s other free-to-play MOBA Total War: Arena once it becomes fully available to play. All Rome 2 owners will gain advanced beta access, a cool $15 of in-game currency, and in-game Legion Armoury bonuses. […]

Sega Release Total War Shogun 2 Gold Edition

The much loved strategy game is to get a special gold edition added to it’s collection game makers Sega have exclusively revealed. In the gold edition you will get the Total War Shogun 2 original game, plus rise of the samurai and of course fall of the samurai. The latter two being the in game […]