Total War: Arena Access Granted For Rome 2 Owners

Sega have announced that all owners of upcoming strategy game Total War: Rome 2 will be granted special access to the company’s other free-to-play MOBA Total War: Arena once it becomes fully available to play.

All Rome 2 owners will gain advanced beta access, a cool $15 of in-game currency, and in-game Legion Armoury bonuses. Gamers will be able to experience MOBA before the game has even come out officially. They’ll also be granted ‘Legion’ status as well.

Total War Arena

Total War Arena

If you’re interested, you can sign-up for the closed beta here and registering will only take a couple of minutes. Total War: Arena was first announced way back at GDC in March this year. Total War: Rome 2 will be out on September 3rd worldwide.

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