Silent Hill: Ascension Trailer Teases Impact of Player-driven Choices

Silent Hill Ascension Trailer
Silent Hill Ascension Trailer

With a collaboration between Japanese game magnate Konami and software creator Genvid, a sneak peek into the impending serial narrative embedded in the Silent Hill universe has been unveiled. The teaser trailer intimates a thrilling narrative journey that aims to explore profound themes like intergenerational trauma, whilst emphasising the substantial role players will have in shaping the storyline of Silent Hill: Ascension.

Bringing the Terror: A Look at Silent Hill: Ascension

Silent Hill: Ascension is set to weave diverging narratives and user-generated decisions into the Silent Hill saga, drawing inspiration from the narrative approach of Telltale Games. This is paired with a focus on achieving an engaging multiplayer dynamic as well as reviving the hallmark chills of the original Silent Hill instalments. As an established chapter in the Silent Hill anthology, Ascension aims to bestow upon players a degree of control over the series’ fictional universe.

A Brand New Silent Hill: Ascension Trailer (Watch Now)

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The freshly unveiled trailer gives audiences a sneak peek into the petrifying realm of Silent Hill: Ascension, featuring a range of fearsome creatures, haunting landscapes, and intricately crafted character models. Art director at Bad Robot Games, Chris Amaral, expressed optimism that the precision invested in the game’s environments, coupled with the lifelike portrayal of characters and monsters, would intensify the terror and embody the quintessence of the Silent Hill series, whilst also presenting a unique perspective on it.

Genvid has asserted that the collective actions of its vast player base will dictate the destiny of Silent Hill’s characters, changing from one day to the next. Remarkably, even the creators of Ascension reportedly remain in the dark about the ultimate ending of the project. The audience, it appears, will hold the reins on deciding the fate of several principal characters, all of whom will reveal their stories concurrently across the globe following its release later this year.

Konami’s Silent Hill series producer, Motoi Okamoto, displayed enthusiasm about exploring novel locations and introducing new characters to Silent Hill devotees. Silent Hill: Ascension is set to be accessible on an array of devices, although exact platforms are yet to be confirmed. It seems that Genvid and Konami are working towards launching a native player app for consoles, PCs, mobile devices, and televisions.

CEO Jacob Navok Answers Most Common Questions From Fans

During a Q&A on popular social site Twitter, CEO Jacob Navok answered some of the most common questions from fans with a really informative thread which can be viewed below and is well worth checking out.

Silent Hill: Ascension forms part of the array of projects presently under development within Konami’s psychological horror franchise, Silent Hill, which has lain dormant for some time. Last year, during the Silent Hill Transmission livestream, it was revealed along with a remake of Silent Hill 2 and new entries in the series, Silent Hill f and Silent Hill: Townfall. The latter is a joint venture with niche publisher Annapurna Interactive and developed by No Code. There’s also a new Silent Hill film titled ‘Return to Silent Hill’ being directed by Christophe Gans.

Silent Hill: Ascension is currently in development.

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