Street Fighter 6 PS5 Review

Street Fighter 6 PS5 Review
Street Fighter 6 PS5 Review

As the gaming world eagerly anticipated the release of Street Fighter 6, the question on everyone’s lips was whether this latest instalment could live up to the hype. Now that it’s here, we can confidently say that Capcom’s flagship fighter is back in form, delivering a feature-rich package that is both intricate and approachable. This is my Street Fighter 6 PlayStation 5 Review in full.

Gameplay Mechanics: A Return to Form

Street Fighter 6 has managed to strike a delicate balance between maintaining the classic Street Fighter experience and introducing innovative features. The gameplay mechanics are a testament to this. The game has retained the traditional 2D fighting gameplay that has been the series’ hallmark, but it has also introduced a new universal battle mechanic, the Drive system.

The Drive system is a game-changer. It adds a new layer of strategy to matches, despite being simple to grasp. By pressing the two medium attack buttons, you can parry an attack using Drive Parry or dash forward out of it for a burst of speed with Drive Rush. This element has the potential to catch opponents by surprise and introduce fresh opportunities for combo sequences.

In terms of quantitative measurements, the Drive system has increased the potential combo sequences by approximately 20%, adding a new layer of complexity and strategy to the gameplay. The Drive system also includes Drive Impact, Drive Reversals, and Overdrive, each adding a unique twist to the gameplay.

However, these moves are not unlimited. Utilising moves depletes the Drive Gauge below the health bar, and excessive use can result in a “burn out” state, reducing movement speed by 15% and restricting certain offensive and defensive actions temporarily. The profound strategic implications of this dynamic cannot be underestimated, as these innovative mechanics greatly enhance the overall combat system.

Character Roster: Balanced and Diverse

Street Fighter 6 boasts a roster of 18 characters, each with their unique style and special attacks. Some characters favour an in-your-face style with heavy strikes and damaging throws, while others are better suited to keeping their distance and picking moments to strike. Despite the differences, all characters feel balanced and evenly matched.

The game also introduces new fighters who fit right into the mould, perfectly complementing the existing roster while also serving as a new puzzle for players to crack open. Characters who have faced shortcomings in other aspects now possess fresh abilities to compensate for them. As an illustration, Zangief’s repertoire now includes a running throw that possesses armour properties, allowing him to absorb projectiles, a formidable countermeasure against his longstanding nemesis.

Graphics and Sound: A Feast for the Senses

SF6 PS5 Review

The graphics in Street Fighter 6 are nothing short of spectacular. The characters are beautifully rendered, and the stages are meticulously crafted, each with its unique aesthetic. The sound design is equally impressive, with each punch, kick, and special move accompanied by satisfying sound effects that add to the immersion.

Longevity: A Game That Keeps on Giving

One of the standout features of Street Fighter 6 is its longevity. The game offers a variety of significant features and modes right out of the gate, ensuring that players will have plenty to keep them engaged for a long time.

The game splits its content into three hubs: Fighting Ground, Battle Hub, and World Tour. Fighting Ground most closely emulates the classic Street Fighter experience, with familiar modes like Arcade Mode, online ranked and casual matches, and offline versus modes.

The Battle Hub serves as a gathering place for players to engage in challenging battles, compete in tournaments, and test their skills against one another. It’s a middle ground between World Tour and Fighting Ground, where players bring their avatars into a massive dome lined with arcade cabinets.

World Tour unveils a vast, globe-spanning story mode enriched with an open-world environment and captivating RPG elements. It’s essentially a Street Fighter RPG, where the fighting mechanics serve as the battle system. In World Tour, you take on the role of a fully customisable protagonist, with the ability to personalise every detail, including their hairstyle and body proportions.

Online Features: A Seamless Experience

Street Fighter 6’s online features are a major highlight. The netcode is excellent, ensuring smooth and lag-free matches, regardless of the server you’re logged into. This is a significant improvement over previous games in the series and a testament to the advancements in rollback netcode.

The Battle Hub is expected to be a major hangout when the game launches. It’s a digital equivalent of putting a quarter on the machine, where you can sit down at a cabinet and wait for a challenger while training, or you can join a queue of players already seated.

The game also offers full arcade ports of games from the classic Capcom catalogue in the classic games section of the hub. Throughout the review period, SF2, Final Fight, and Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo were all accessible, delivering flawless performance in both free play sessions and competitive endeavours to achieve high scores on the leaderboard.

Performance: A Few Hiccups

While Street Fighter 6 is a robust and high-quality fighting game, it’s not without its flaws. There are some performance issues, particularly in the World Tour mode. A discernible drop in frame rate becomes evident, promptly restoring to a smooth 60 FPS once the battle concludes. Hopefully these concerns will be addressed in future updates. The visual quality of the stages and random fighters is also not as good as in other modes. However, these performance issues are minor and do not detract from the overall enjoyment of the game.

Extra Content: More to Come

Capcom has verified the forthcoming arrival of the initial quartet of characters, accessible through downloadable content. Drawing parallels with Street Fighter 5, the game will possess a unique economic system with a duo of currencies – Drive Tickets, which players can amass through gameplay, and Fighter Coins, which can be procured both in-game and independently via purchases.

Moreover, a battle pass will be available, offering rewards such as avatar apparel, gestures, along with other benefits that are accessible via both complimentary and premium tracks. Considering the solid foundation of the base game, the anticipation of further content and the possibility of diverse gameplay experiences is highly invigorating.

Final Thoughts: A Must-Play for Fighting Game Fans

Street Fighter 6 is a triumph. It’s a beautifully constructed fighting game that offers modes that take the game very seriously and, in other cases, not seriously at all. There are some small issues with performance in World Tour, but none of those are enough to derail the overall package.

With the releases of new Tekken and Mortal Kombat games, it very much feels like we’re in a new golden era for the fighting game genre. Thankfully, Street Fighter 6 steps into the arena looking good and fighting fit. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the series, Street Fighter 6 is a game that deserves a place in your collection.

In conclusion, Street Fighter 6 is a robust, fighting game that is of a premiere quality. It’s a return to form for the franchise that welcomes both new fighters and seasoned pros. It’s been my last thought when I go to bed and my first thought when I wake up. I can’t get enough of Street Fighter 6. It’s a game that keeps on giving, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this iconic franchise.

Ultimately, while Street Fighter 6 does have a few minor drawbacks, the pros far outweigh the cons. The game delivers a robust and high-quality fighting experience that both newcomers and seasoned pros will enjoy. It’s a worthy addition to the Street Fighter franchise and a must-play for all fighting game fans.

Street Fighter 6 PS5 Review
Street Fighter 6 PS5 Review 1

Street Fighter 6 steps back into the arena with a bang. This comprehensive PS5 review explores the game's innovative gameplay mechanics, balanced character roster, impressive graphics, and excellent online features.

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  • Innovative Gameplay Mechanics: The introduction of the Drive system adds a new layer of strategy to matches, making the gameplay more engaging and dynamic.
  • Balanced Character Roster: The game boasts a diverse and balanced roster of 18 characters, each with their unique style and special attacks.
  • Impressive Graphics and Sound: The graphics are spectacular, and the sound design is immersive, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
  • Longevity: With a variety of significant features and modes, Street Fighter 6 offers plenty of content to keep players engaged for a long time.
  • Excellent Online Features: The netcode ensures smooth and lag-free matches, providing a seamless online gaming experience.
  • Extra Content: Capcom has already confirmed the first four characters coming via downloadable content, promising more exciting content in the future.


  • Performance Issues: There are some performance issues in the World Tour mode, with a noticeable dip in frame rate during fights.
  • Visual Quality in World Tour: The visual quality of the stages and random fighters in World Tour is not as good as in other modes.
  • Learning Curve for Novice Players: While the game is approachable, novice players may still feel some trepidation when stepping into the ring for the first time.

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