Counter-Strike 2 Leaks: Major Overhaul for Inferno Map

Counter-Strike 2 Inferno Map Leak
Counter-Strike 2 Inferno Map Leak

Tactical gamers, assemble! A leak sourced from the freshest Counter-Strike 2 update has unveiled a massive facelift for the popular map, Inferno. Counter-Strike 2 comes loaded with monumental shifts from CS:GO, but the Inferno makeover? It’s got us all bamboozled, right?

Counter-Strike 2 Announcement Shatters CS:GO’s Own Steam Player Records

Counter-Strike 2’s emergence earlier this year was an absolute shocker. CS:GO had been on an upward trajectory after a spell of idleness, and shaking the beehive could have been a precarious gamble. Far from it, as it turned out. CS:GO surpassed its own Steam player records following the Counter-Strike 2 announcement, a trick it repeated several times thereafter. The Counter-Strike series is an unshakeable stalwart of the FPS genre, and currently, it’s reached a celestial popularity high among both casual and die-hard gamers. Fingers crossed that Counter-Strike 2 lives up to the hype and that player numbers continue their skyward march.

Inferno Map For Counter-Strike 2 Leaks Online

Reddit’s iMarbot provided the crucial intel, offering up screenshots of the Inferno, Counter-Strike 2 style. The aesthetics of the map have been turned on their head, but the bombshell lies at the A-site, notoriously one of the trickiest to reclaim in the game.

Hiding spots behind the graveyard stairs on the A-site? Gone! Reducing the suspects’ corners for incoming bomb-site players. It’s a seismic shift that promises to redefine the map dynamics from casual gaming to the competitive leagues. Plus, the region previously known as “construction” has undergone a baptism, now rechristened as “church,” courtesy of Valve showcasing Counter-Strike 2’s dazzling new lighting tech.

These snapshots were seemingly mined from the latest Counter-Strike 2 update, which axed Mirage from the Closed Test map roster, subbing in Nuke and Office instead. Currently, Valve is strategically unveiling maps one at a time, squashing any potential bug invaders before the game’s full release come summer.

While players have warmly embraced the gameplay adjustments, the colour palette has drawn some flak. In the Reddit chatter, numerous mentions point to the map’s desaturation, given Inferno’s status as one of CS:GO’s most vibrant maps. Everything’s in flux currently, so we could still see Valve jazz up the final Inferno with a splash of colour.

Counter-Strike 2’s New Weapon Loadout System

Despite frequent updates to the Closed Test, Valve remains enigmatic about the full game’s release date. When first announced, it wore a “Summer 2023” tag, which technically means it could surprise us any day now. CS:GO skin prices have skyrocketed post Counter-Strike 2’s announcement, and with the current feverish anticipation, it’s hard to imagine any drop in momentum.

When the game does finally arrive this summer, you’ll need to get a grasp on the game’s revamped weapon loadouts. Borrowing from Valorant’s playbook, Counter-Strike 2 ditches the old selection wheel for a tailored grid, providing ample space for a plethora of weapons from nimble pistols to sturdy rifles. As you flex your freedom to personalise the rest of your armament, remember that this could leave some powerful weapons collecting dust in your armoury.

Counter-Strike 2 is all set to detonate Summer 2023 on Windows PC.

Source: Reddit

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