Power Up with Sonic Superstars: Chaos Emeralds Info

Sonic Superstars Chaos Emeralds
Sonic Superstars Chaos Emeralds

Get ready to power up with Sonic Superstars! Sega’s latest co-op multiplayer platformer is bringing a thrilling twist to the classic 2D platforming roots of the Sonic franchise. Unlike its predecessor, Sonic Mania, this game is all about teamwork, allowing up to four players to dash through the action-packed stages. But that’s not all – the Chaos Emeralds are getting a major upgrade, becoming an integral part of the gameplay rather than just shiny collectables.

Emeralds Evolved: Chaos Gems as Active Gameplay Elements

Historically, the Chaos Emeralds have served as keys to unlock the mighty Super Sonic, or they were meticulously collected throughout the story, contributing to our hero’s triumph. However, Sonic Superstars is flipping the script, giving players instant benefits with just one Chaos Emerald – think of it as a boost of energy akin to the power-packed Wisps in Sonic Colours. Sega has generously spilled the beans on each Emerald’s unique prowess.

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According to Sonic Team leader Takashi Iizuka, players will embark on a Special Stage quest, swinging from floating bubbles towards their precious Emeralds, just like the good ol’ days. Each Chaos Emerald bestows a distinct power that can be utilised by every playable character. The cherry on top? You get to choose which power to wield, but remember, each one comes with a cool-down timer to keep things in check. So, let’s introduce you to these dazzling powers: Avatar, Bullet, Water, Ivy, Vision, Slow, and Extra.

Picking Your Perks: Each Chaos Emerald’s Unique Abilities

The Avatar ability conjures clones to unleash a simultaneous attack, while the Bullet power shoots players mid-air in a chosen direction – talk about a speedy boost! With the Water capability, players can glide through water with ease, avoiding any soggy mishaps.

Need to reach those sky-high platforms? Fear not, the Ivy power will grow vines that’ll get you there in no time! For the curious explorers, Vision reveals hidden platforms and items, granting a clearer path to victory. Feeling the need for speed?

The Slow power slows everything down on screen for lightning-fast reactions. And last but not least, the Extra power is a real game-changer, offering unique moves tailored to each character – from Sonic’s iconic homing attack to Amy’s mighty hammer throw. The title will be ditching online play in-favour of choosing local co-op play instead.

EVERY Emerald Power In Sonic Superstars

The fun doesn’t end there! Collecting all seven Chaos Emeralds unleashes the Super version of your chosen character. Yes, you heard that right – all playable characters, including the fabulous Amy Rose, can embrace their Super selves! In this magnificent state, they become invincible and incredibly speedy. But remember, keep an eye on those precious rings as they’ll gradually deplete over time.

Mark your calendars for Fall 2023 as Sonic Superstars sprints onto PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Get ready to forge new friendships, unleash formidable powers, and turn into Super Sonic with a smile.

Source – Gameinformer

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