NBA 2K24 Slammed by Critics, One Of The Lowest Rated Steam Games Of All-Time

NBA 2K24 Low Steam Rating

NBA 2K24 Sinks to New Lows With Abysmal Steam User Score To Make It One Of The Lowest Rated Video Games Of All-Time.

NBA 2K24 Low Steam Rating

The latest entry in the annual NBA 2K basketball series recently released to scathing criticism, earning it the dubious honour of second lowest Steam user score ever. NBA 2K24’s plethora of issues, from monetisation to weak PC optimisation, sunk its rating to an abysmal 10% approval.

Released worldwide September 8th, NBA 2K24 amassed over 2,600 overwhelmingly negative Steam reviews at time of writing. This places it just behind reviled hero shooter Overwatch 2 as Steam’s second poorest ranked title.

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Such a discouraging reception seemed unthinkable for the formerly acclaimed franchise. Past highlights like NBA 2K11 and 2K16 set the standard for sports titles with their slick simulation gameplay.

Yet fans cite NBA 2K24’s lack of innovation and abundance of microtransactions as recurring complaints. These exacerbated grievances plagued the series in recent iterations, but negative reaction reached fever pitch here.

Many users felt publisher 2K Games prioritised aggressive monetisation over meaningful improvements. Signature game modes now push pay-to-win mechanics and gambling-adjacent card packs.

Meanwhile, large swathes of cosmetic content sit locked behind premium currency bundles costing up to £100. Fans deemed such brazen greed in a £55 title unacceptable.

PC Port Marred By Crashes, Bugs and Missing Features

NBA 2K24 Slammed By Critics

Equally contentious was the unoptimised PC port. Despite towering system requirements, the best visuals and features remain confined to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. PC players face inferior experiences even on high-end hardware.

The highly anticipated Cross-platform play also omitted PC oddly. Combined with rampant crashing and performance issues, the port felt decidedly second-rate.

Some diehard fans may overlook flaws thanks to NBA 2K24’s solid foundation. Likenesses and animations achieve new levels of realism on supported platforms.

But wider reception indicates serious soul searching required for the ailing franchise. Once a sports juggernaut, NBA 2K24 risks squandering goodwill through naked commercialism.

With player trust at an all-time low, 2K Games must address unchecked greed and technical shortcomings. Else the series faces a reputation wreckage as severe as an uncontested slam dunk.

NBA 2K24 is out now on Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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