BlizzCon 2023 Reveals Schedule, No WoW Live Q&A Panel

Blizzcon 2023 Event - One Week Countdown (Fan Posing)

BlizzCon 2023 Schedule Revealed And Shakes Up World of Warcraft Tradition.

Blizzcon 2023 Event - One Week Countdown (Fan Posing)

Blizzard has revealed scheduling for the upcoming BlizzCon 2023 event on November 3-4. Notably, World of Warcraft is breaking with tradition by not hosting its customary live Q&A panel at the show for the first time in over 15 years.

Key Highlights:

  • BlizzCon 2023 broadcasts scheduled for November 3-4
  • World of Warcraft skipping live Q&A panel for first time
  • Pre-submitted questions will be answered later in video
  • Possibly avoiding scandals and hard questions
  • Still major news expected for Warcraft games

The schedule outlines BlizzCon Arena content streaming for free on YouTube and Twitch. Festivities kick off with the main opening ceremony on November 3rd followed by deep dives into Blizzard’s slate of games.

YouTube video

Fantasy phenomenon World of Warcraft takes centre stage with two panels revealing details on both the retail version and Classic. However, the long-running tradition of a live WoW Q&A session with developers is conspicuously absent from the plans.

Since 2008, BlizzCon has always featured an unscripted World of Warcraft Q&A where fans directly interact with and query developers in person. Iconic moments like the famous 2010 question that inspired an in-game NPC emerged from these panels.

Answering Pre-Selected Questions Later

But for BlizzCon 2023, WoW will instead solicit questions from attendees and forums starting November 3rd. Some fan-submitted questions will then be answered later by developers in a pre-recorded video released after the event concludes. The news was shared on social site X in a tweet that can be viewed below:

This abandons over 15 years of precedent for World of Warcraft at BlizzCon. The reason for forgoing a live Q&A is unstated, but likely relates to avoiding potential scandals or hostile questions.

Given recent lawsuits against Activision Blizzard and turmoil like the Hong Kong protests at 2019’s BlizzCon Q&A, the company is possibly limiting risks by vetting questions in advance. However, fans are understandably disappointed by the loss of direct interaction.

With the company facing ongoing criticism and rebuilding trust in the community, avoiding unwanted topics or confrontations via a pre-taped Q&A does risk seeming dismissive rather than transparent.

Announcements For All Major Franchise Titles

Fans Crowded at BlizzCon 2023

Still, BlizzCon 2023 has major announcements in store across Blizzard franchises. A new World of Warcraft expansion reveal is probable alongside updates for WoW Classic. Overwatch 2, Hearthstone, Diablo IV, and the new Warcraft mobile game Rumble will also feature prominently.

So even absent a live World of Warcraft Q&A, BlizzCon 2023 remains a must-see event for fans of the games. The broadcasts on November 3-4 will unveil the future of key franchises through exclusive reveals and in-depth discussions.

Fans can also purchase virtual BlizzCon goodie bags with in-game items for WoW and other titles. Those attending the gaming event in person can consult schedules for hands-on gameplay and presentations.

The risky yet understandable decision to break the Q&A tradition will surely remain hotly debated. But ideally the breadth of announcements beyond that segment will showcase the developer’s continuing creative vision.

After recent transitional periods for the company, BlizzCon 2023 appears to signal renewed focus on Blizzard’s strengths: crafting epic gaming experiences. Though they must also rebuild trust and transparency with its devoted community.

This year’s modified Q&A format seems a compromise between those goals. The iconic event’s core value remains revealing the future, and fans hope substantial progress updates overshadow any absent traditions.

The event can set a confident tone for Blizzard’s franchises under new leadership, even if immediate engagement with the public requires baby steps post-lawsuit.

Source – Blizzard

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