Madden NFL 24 Season 3 Run It Back Update Unleashes Legends and More

Madden NFL 24 Season 3 Run It Back Update

Madden NFL 24 Season 3 Update and Crossplay Beta Arriving Soon.

Madden NFL 24 Season 3 Run It Back Update

Key Highlights:

  • Madden NFL 24’s Season 3 update “Run It Back” now live.
  • Includes new Field Pass reward system with legend players as rewards.
  • Lets players unlock icons like Michael Vick, Barry Sanders, Bruce Matthews.
  • Also brings back Blitz and Harvest promos with boosts and content.
  • Arrives after October patch fixed bugs and gameplay issues.
  • Comes as closed beta for crossplay in Franchise mode starting soon.
  • Crossplay pits console and PC players against each other.
  • Supported in online H2H, MUT, Superstar KO and Superstar Showdown.
  • Matchmaking times expected to improve considerably.

Virtual football fans can start getting excited, as Madden NFL 24 has rolled out its Season 3 “Run It Back” update jam-packed with new programs and rewards. It coincides with an imminent closed beta for enabling crossplay capabilities across console and PC.

The updates look to build on fixes and improvements from the recent October patch while testing out functionality for multiplayer across platforms.

Season 3 Update Overview

Madden NFL 24 Season 3 Run It Back - Michael Vick Upgrades
Michael Vick Upgrades (Credit: EA)

Headlining Season 3 is the all-new Field Pass system, which allows players to unlock legendary ultimate team cards like Michael Vick, Barry Sanders and Bruce Matthews.

Popular promos like Blitz, Harvest and PREM1ERE also return, offering juiced cards and challenges. New superstar KO content expands on that mode as well.

It provides a shot in the arm for Madden NFL 24 after criticism of bugs and lack of innovation around launch. The update arrived shortly after the previous patch addressed glitches and fixed a kicking UI problem.

All Rewards To Unlock

2Gold Player Pack
310,000 Coins
4Gold Player Pack
588 OVR Ted Hendricks Player Item
610,000 Coins
7Random Strategy Item
8Playmaker Pack
910,000 Coins
10Michael Vick Upgrade Token
11Gold Player Pack
1210,000 Coins
13Uniform Item
14Max Fantasy Pack
1590 OVR Barry Sanders Player Item
1610,000 Coins
17Random Strategy Item
18Playmaker Pack
1910,000 Coins
20Michael Vick Upgrade Token
21Uniform Pack
22Random Strategy Item
23Max Fantasy Pack
2410,000 Coins
25Ted Hendricks Upgrade Token
26Playmaker Pack
2710,000 Coins
28Pro Playmaker Pack
2910,000 Coins
30Michael Vick Upgrade Token
3110,000 Coins
32Max Fantasy Pack
3310,000 Coins
34Uniform Pack
3591 OVR Darren Woodson Player Item
3610,000 Coins
37Max Fantasy Pack
3810,000 Coins
39Star Elite Pack
40Michael Vick Upgrade Token
4110,000 Coins
42Pro Max Fantasy Pack
4310,000 Coins
44Playmaker Pack
4592 OVR Bruce Matthews Player Item
4610,000 Coins
47Star Elite Pack
4810,000 Coins
49Pro Playmaker Pack
50Michael Vick Upgrade Token
5120,000 Coins
52Season 4 XP Collectible
53Star Elite Pack
5420,000 Coins
55Ted Hendricks/Barry Sanders Choice Upgrade Token
5620,000 Coins
57Epic Strategy Fantasy Pack
58Star Elite Pack
5920,000 Coins
60Triumph Elite Pack

Crossplay Beta Incoming

Madden 24 Player Talking to Bench

In a separate announcement, EA Sports revealed plans to test crossplay between next-gen consoles PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC in an upcoming closed beta.

The beta will focus on enabling cross-platform matchmaking in Franchise mode specifically. Players selected to participate will receive instructions on providing feedback.

If successful, crossplay could later expand to competitive modes like MUT, Superstar KO and online Head-to-Head. Reduced matchmaking times are the main benefit and there will be no more lengthy wait times for players.

Ongoing Support

While Madden 24 suffered from a rocky launch, EA Sports seems committed to righting the ship through substantial updates and features.

Season 3 shows they aim to give players reasons to stay engaged, while crossplay could strengthen the multiplayer community.

There is still room for improvement, but the latest signs point toward a game evolving positively over its lifespan. Dedicated players stand to benefit through expanded content and competition.

Source – EA

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