Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide: Where to Find Fuel For The Boat

Resident Evil 4 Remake Where to Find Fuel for the Boat
Resident Evil 4 Remake Where to Find Fuel for the Boat

Key Highlights:

  • Resident Evil 4 Remake requires finding boat fuel to explore the Lake area
  • Boat fuel is located inside a cabin at the far western end of the Fish Farm
  • Reaching it involves passing through mines, crossing swamp, avoiding enemies
  • Stealth melee attacks can take out zombies quietly on the way
  • The brutal brute enemy poses a major threat in the area
  • Entering cabin requires breaking down the locked door
  • Fuel canister sits on a table inside the back room
  • With boat fueled up, Leon can traverse the lake to find key items
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Resident Evil 4 Remake tasks Leon with locating essential boat fuel in order to explore the expansive Lake area. This key item is tucked away in a cabin at the far end of the ominous Fish Farm, presenting a challenging gauntlet of enemies and obstacles.

After reaching the Lake’s shoreline, Leon discovers the boat sitting idle at the pier requires fuel before it can ferry him across the water. A note hints that fuel can be found within the nearby Fish Farm. Find out where it is with our guide below.

Reaching the Fish Farm

Resident Evil 4 Remake Fish Farm Map
Fish Farm Map

Leon must climb up and pass through a mineshaft tunnel to gain access to the Fish Farm grounds. This leads to an opening overlooking the muddy swamp area below.

Dropping down into the shallow water brings Leon face to face with the first of many zombified villagers roaming the property. Stealth melee attacks from behind can quietly dispose of these foes. If possible you should revive your broken combat knife as this will come in handy.

Navigating the Grounds

Resident Evil 4 Remake Huge Brute With Hammer

Wading slowly through the murky, waist-high water lets Leon avoid detection by some enemies. But others will need to be eliminated or snuck past. Flash grenades can create distractions without direct confrontation.

The most lethal threat comes from a huge brute enemy wandering the shore. Stocking up on ammo and weapon upgrades is highly advised before pushing forward to fight. Luckily the Merchant is nearby this location so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Reaching the Cabin

Resident Evil 4 Remake Locked Cabin Door
Locked Cabin Door

After circumventing the myriad hazards, Leon will arrive at a ramshackle cabin near the water at the Farm’s dead end. The door is locked, forcing Leon to kick it in and create noise. Quickly enter and shut it to keep enemies at bay outside.

Finding the Fuel

Boat Fuel Location Resident Evil 4 Remake

Inside, the crucial boat fuel canister sits on a table within the back room. Grab the fuel and return cautiously to the pier.

With Leon’s boat now fueled up, he can set sail across the Lake to locate a key item needed for progression. But more dangers await on and beneath the waters. The YouTube video uploaded by Trophy Germany should help for those of you who prefer visual tutorials over reading.

Braving the eerie Fish Farm to restore mobility is one of Leon’s greatest challenges yet. The boat fuel brings him one step closer to the captive Ashley, if he can survive the trip.

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