Resident Evil 4 Remake: Locations of All Blue Farm Medallions

All Blue Medallions in the Farm Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Locations of All Blue Medallions at the Iconic Village Farm.

All Blue Medallions in the Farm Resident Evil 4 Remake

Key Highlights:

  • Blue medallion side quest introduced early at the Farm location.
  • Players must destroy 5 medallions hidden around the area.
  • Reward for completing the challenge is 3 rare Spinels.
  • Spinels can only be sold to the Merchant for unique item unlocks.
  • Adds replay value and encourages exploration of the environments.

One of the first optional objectives presented to players in the acclaimed Resident Evil 4 remake is destroying cryptic blue medallions, beginning with a set hidden around the rural Farm location. Soon after surviving the chaotic village square battle, protagonist Leon S. Kennedy proceeds to the Farm, barred by a locked gate at the northern end. Nearby, a telling blue note stuck to the wall kicks off the blue medallion side challenges found throughout the game.

The note urgently requests that someone “get rid of the blue medallions those religious lunatics left hanging around.” Scattered across the Farm are 5 of these curious round medallions for Leon to shoot down.

Navigating the Farm: Blue Medallion Locations

Map of the Farm Resident Evil 4 Remake
A Map of The Farm

Take a look at the map above so you know exactly where you are. Using our walkthrough guide, below are detailed directions to all 5 blue medallion locations around the Resident Evil 4 remake’s Farm area, denoted on the map:

Blue Medallion 1

Blue Medallion 1 in the Farm Resident Evil 4 Remake

Facing the locked gate, turn around and left to spot the first medallion hanging on the second floor of the building, visible through a sizeable gap. Leon can easily shoot through the opening.

Blue Medallion 2

Blue Medallion 2 in the Farm Resident Evil 4 Remake

Head east from the first target to find a shrine by a spiked barricade. The second medallion dangles just behind the altar, to the right.

Blue Medallion 3

Blue Medallion 3 in the Farm Resident Evil 4 Remake

Return to the small shed with the typewriter save point. The third medallion hangs on the side of the building.

Blue Medallion 4

Blue Medallion 4 in the Farm Resident Evil 4 Remake

Inside the nearby barn, northwest of the typewriter room, a medallion hangs from one of the crossbeams.

Blue Medallion 5

Blue Medallion 5 in the Farm Resident Evil 4 Remake

Further northwest is a windmill left of a small shack. The final medallion is suspended within.

Reward and Currency: Spinels and the Merchant

Completing this opening target practice exercise rewards 3 valuable Spinels from the enigmatic Merchant. His special wares are only available in exchange for these rare gems.

These Farm medallions demand Leon’s best sharpshooting skills to hit the small, distant targets. But the payoff of unlocking the Merchant’s exclusive items via Spinels makes the effort well worth it. This task also encourages combing through environments for hidden rewards and repeat playthroughs to improve efficiency.

When Leon presents the Spinels, the mysterious Merchant provides access to his unique wares, appearing at pivotal points in the story. His mysterious shop remains mostly intact from the original game, but the remake notably prevents players from attacking or killing this quirky merchant which is a nice touch by Capcom.

In total, 30 blue medallions are up for grabs across Resident Evil 4’s scenarios. Finding them all requires dedication and an eagle eye. The Farm request provides a taste of this addictive side challenge that adds depth and replayability. Whether playing for fun or on a more competitive difficulty, don’t miss out on valuable Spinels and the satisfying feeling of popping these targets.

Resident Evil 4 remake is available on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

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