Rainbow Six Siege Adds Operation Deep Freeze Operator

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze Operator

Rainbow Six Siege Deep Freeze Operator Freezes Areas to Delay and Deny.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze Operator

Key Highlights:

  • Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze adds new freezing gadget operator Tubarão
  • His Zoto Canister creates area of effect slowing enemies and disabling gadgets
  • Useful for denying breaches, traps, flanking, and synergizing with other operators
  • New map Lair set in secret cavern base, multiple entry points on each level
  • Two training modes added – Map Run for callout drills, Versus AI teammates
  • Frag grenades no longer cookable, timer starts on throw instead
  • Separately, Street Fighter bundle out now with Chun-Li and Ryu operator skins

The upcoming Operation Deep Freeze season for Rainbow Six Siege will introduce Tubarão, a versatile new defence operator from Portugal who wields a unique freezing gadget. This addition headlines a sizable mid-season update also containing a new map, training modes, and frag grenade changes.

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Tubarão bolsters the defending team with his area of effect Zoto Canister gadget that temporarily slows enemy movements and disables devices caught in its radius. Players will need to master coordinating with the freezing effect to maximise Tubarão’s influence across diverse situations.

Tubarão’s Loadout and Playstyle

With medium speed and health, Tubarão can flex between roaming and anchoring roles. His MPX SMG allows quick flanking while the punchy AR-15 DMR adapts to long angles.

Nitro Cell or Proximity Alarm round out a flexible arsenal. Tubarão’s true power lies in the Zoto Canister and how it’s utilised.

Using the Zoto Canister Effectively

The Zoto Canister activates instantly on impact, creating a freezing zone that persists for a duration. Enemies and gadgets inside are slowed and paused, respectively.

Destroying the canister prematurely thaws the area. But while active, the effect presents opportunities:

  • Slow enemies to hinder reactivity in gunfights
  • Delay breaching by disabling Thermite, Ace, etc. charges
  • Stop Amaru’s speed advantage or shield operators
  • Trap slowed enemies with coordinated Nitro Cells
  • Layer with other gadget effects like Ela and Fenrir
  • Disable claymores for safe flanking

Proper timing and placement are crucial to capitalise before thawing. But creative use can transform engagements.

New Map: Lair

Rainbow Six Siege New Map Lair

Operation Deep Freeze also introduces the new Lair map set in an antagonist’s secret cavern base. Multiple ingress points on each floor demand sharp communication.

A floor-spanning reception hall and central basement lab provide vertical play spaces. Intense CQC is predicted within the tight limestone corridors.

Training Modes Added

Two new modes expand single-player practice opportunities. Map Run teaches callouts via speed drills guided by Thermite.

Versus AI pits the player’s squad against AI defenders employing gadgets and strategies. This provides a more dynamic defence to attack.

Frag Grenade Changes

A major frag grenade update removes cooking. Timer is now set upon throwing. This aims to balance their deadliness.

More operators like Blackbeard and Sens will receive frags to compensate. But new technique will be required. All this comes after a really cool update that buffed shotguns to the level of Fortnite status, with the powerful pump shotguns eliminating players at point blank distance.

Street Fighter Bundle Available

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On the cosmetics side, a new Street Fighter bundle crossed over into Rainbow Six Siege. Players can purchase the Chun-Li and Ryu new operator skins for Ying and Grim.

This is not the first time a crossover has happened in the FPS title and certainly won’t be the last. A Halo/Master Chief collab was active in the game as we reported on in August, that went down very well within the community. It’s no surprise considering both titles were of the same genre of first-person shoot ’em up, but the Street Fighter collaboration may raise some eyebrows.

Operation Deep Freeze shakes up the meta across gadget denial, explosives, and map knowledge. Tubarão and intelligent coordination will be the key to mastery.

Rainbow Six Siege is out now on PC, Luna, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Source – Ubisoft

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