Fortnite Adds Voice Chat Reporting, OG Season 7 Launches

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG - Seasons 7 and 8
Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG - Seasons 7 and 8

Key Highlights:

  • Fortnite introduces new voice chat reporting to curb harassment.
  • Players can record and submit audio of inappropriate conversations.
  • Seeks to boost safety, especially for younger player base.
  • OG Season 7 update adds POI, weapons, vehicles from Chapter 1.
  • Frosty Flights location returns to the southwest part of the island.
  • X-4 Stormwing planes and Pirate Cannons added as new vehicles
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Epic Games has implemented a new voice chat reporting feature in Fortnite to help identify and act on inappropriate verbal behaviour. Players can now record and submit audio clips of conversations as evidence alongside misconduct reports. This update came long with the brand new season 7 and 8 of the OG map.

The newly added feature aims to uphold community guidelines more strongly, particularly to protect younger players from bullying, discrimination or harassment.

Submitting Voice Evidence

If the feature is enabled, Fortnite will capture rolling 5-minute recordings of voice chat input. Players can trigger submitting a clip to moderators when reporting negative incidents.

The audio aids investigations by directly documenting verbal misconduct versus just describing it. Players’ identities remain anonymous to others.

Deterring Misconduct

Fortnite Voice Chat Reporting Menu
Image Credit: Epic Games

According to Epic Games, violators will receive email notifications about penalties issued along with details on appeals. Knowledge that voice chat can be recorded may deter some from toxic behaviour.

Storing evidence on players’ devices rather than Epic servers provides privacy while still enabling documentation. Recordings get deleted after 14 days or when penalties expire.

Protecting Younger Players

Fortnite’s immense popularity has attracted players of all ages. This unfortunately opens the door for adults with ill intent to interact with minors.

Past incidents revealed predators using voice chat to meet and groom underage victims. More robust reporting aims to prevent such conduct.

New Epic Games account policies also bolster protection for younger players of Fortnite and other titles.

Optional But Often Auto-Enabled

Players 18 and older can fully disable voice chat reporting, maintaining control over recordings. However, it auto-enables if party members have it turned on.

For most players, keeping the feature active will maximise safety, especially for randomised matchmaking. Parties can agree to disable it if preferred.

Community-Focused Improvement

Fortnite Season OG - Seasons 7 & 8 Pirate Locations

While still early, Fortnite’s voice evidence captures upholds positive community standards. Documenting verbal exchanges provides clearer accountability.

Combined with past launches like account restrictions, Epic Games demonstrates commitment to enhancing player safety and conduct.

Providing easier ways for players to report poor behaviour helps curb misconduct and toxicity significantly over time. Fortnite’s evolvement into an inclusive environment for all remains ongoing.

Fortnite OG Revisits Chapter 1’s Frozen Era

Fortnite’s special throwback OG Season has entered its seventh week, bringing back iconic elements from the original Chapter 1’s wintry Season 7 update. From the return of the Frosty Flights POI to classic weapons and icy new vehicles, players are being transported back to 2018.

As part of the OG Season’s tour through Fortnite’s past, each weekly update focuses on a different Chapter 1 era. Week 7 recreates the v7.0 update which introduced the iceberg collision and a snow-covered map.

Frosty Flights Location Comes Back

Fortnite Season OG - Frosty Flights POI

The most noticeable map change is the return of Frosty Flights in the southwest corner, one of Season 7’s new named locations. This busy hub housed an airfield with hangars and planes perfectly tying into the season’s flying-centric mobility.

While other original Season 7 POIs haven’t reappeared, Frosty Flights offers an instant shot of icy nostalgia. More snowy or icy locations may get introduced as the tour continues into Season 8 and the peak of winter. The BR title always adds Christmas themed locations and items in the run-up to Xmas, so keep your eyes peeled each week.

Powerful Vaulted and Unvaulted Weapons

Fortnite Flint knock pistol, Minigun and Quad Launcher
Image Credit: Epic

On the weapons front, Week 7 vaults and unvaults reflect the classic Season 7 armoury. The powerful pump-action Combat Shotgun makes its OG return, giving players a formidable rapid-fire shotgun option. This is a fantastic alternative to the tactical shotgun and is considered superior because of its fire-rate and damage output.

The Quad Launcher and Minigun provide heavy explosive and spray firepower suited to endgame situations. And the Flint-Knock Pistol remains one of Fortnite’s most fun mobility items, propelling players back upon firing. If you don’t want the motion of being propelled backwards when firing, simply crouch.

Meanwhile, the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, Double Barrel Shotgun and others get removed from the loot pool in the weekly shuffle.

New Tools and Equipment

Some nostalgic tools also get reintroduced this week, including Buried Treasure which can be unearthed for loot. They unearth either epic or legendary loot when pickaxed and usually drop the coveted pump shotgun and scar assault rifle. The Itemised Glider Redeploy enables gliding from inventory rather than needing specific items. Although you have to make sure you’re high enough in-order for it to work.

And Balloons allow floating upwards when enough are inflated. One Balloon will enable you to jump higher, two will get you considerably high in the sky, and three will get you max height. These items were last added in the 6th Birthday event back in September.

These mobility-enhancing items enable plays and tactics from Chapter 1 without reintroducing certain controversial elements.

Aerial Vehicles

Fortnite Season OG X-4 Stormwing Planes
X-4 Stormwing Planes

Fitting the season’s flying theme, two new vehicles also appear on the island. The X-4 Stormwing is a divisive addition – the fast plane equipped with a boost can dominate in skilled hands, but leaves the pilot exposed. One notable change from before is you cannot redeploy when jumping out as the fall damage will eliminate you.

So when exiting the planes, it’s best to make sure you’re near to the ground so you don’t take too much, if any fall damage.

Pirate Cannons also arrive as stationary weapons that deal explosive damage at long range when aimed well. They add an element of chaos but can also be used for mobility to shoot your character across the map by getting in one and firing.

As seen just from the weapons alone, each OG Season update essentially resets the Fortnite meta and playstyles in the Chapter 1 gameplay.

It encourages players to relearn vaulted items and adapt week-to-week. The tour through the game’s past has sparked community excitement and engagement as veterans revisit the game in its original form.

With the island now covered in ice and snow once again, Week 7 captures the magic that made the battle royale feel fresh and novel so many years ago. OG Season’s trip down memory lane still has more highlights in store as players eagerly await the next destination.

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