Fortnite Icons Series Welcomes Lewis Hamilton and His Dog Roscoe

Fortnite x Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and His Dog Roscoe Coming to Fortnite, Plus Save The World Breaks Records.

Fortnite x Lewis Hamilton

Key Highlights:

  • Lewis Hamilton joins Fortnite Icons series with Roscoe on Nov 17th.
  • Save the World mode breaks player count record.
  • Hamilton’s release targets F1 fans and younger Fortnite players.
  • Fortnite aims to balance the success of Battle Royale with Save the World.
  • Community engagement rises with Save the World’s resurgence.

British racing icon Lewis Hamilton is the latest celebrity to join Fortnite’s growing Icons series. An in-game cosmetic set featuring Hamilton and his beloved dog Roscoe arrives November 17th.

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The seven-time Formula One champion now enters the massive virtual world of Fortnite through premium character skins known as “outfits.” Fans can play matches across the island as the renowned driver starting later this week.

Icons Series Spotlights Celebrities

Epic Games has collaborated with numerous personalities to bring them into Fortnite as playable skins. Earlier additions span musicians, athletes, and pop culture stars.

Some examples include Marco Reus, Harry Kane, Ariana Grande, and most recently Millie Bobby Brown as her Stranger Things character Eleven.

Hamilton now joins the diverse lineup of recognised faces who have received the Fortnite treatment.

Celebrating Hamilton’s Success

Racing Legend Lewis Hamilton is joining the Fortnite Icon Series

As one of racing’s most decorated drivers, Lewis Hamilton has transcended into a household name even for non-Formula One followers.

The trailblazing British racer holds the records for most career wins, pole positions, and podium finishes. He claimed seven World Drivers’ Championship titles between 2008 and 2020.

His prominence and activism for equality and inclusiveness made Hamilton a prime contender for Fortnite. The game reaches a demographic of young fans who may look up to Hamilton as an inspirational figure.

Roscoe Steals the Spotlight

However, much of the buzz around Hamilton’s skins centres on the inclusion of his beloved French bulldog Roscoe…as a backpack accessory.

The Instagram-famous pet boasting over 950,000 followers was an obvious choice to incorporate. Roscoe regularly travels with Hamilton to races and events.

Letting players sport the adorable dog as accompanying back bling generates plenty of appeal. Don’t be surprised if you see dozens of Roscoes plodding around the island.

Formula One Cosmetics

Lewis Hamilton Icon Series Skin
Lewis Hamilton Icon Series Skin

Beyond the standard skins, Hamilton’s set includes expected Formula One elements. A wheel-shaped glider references his racing pedigree, while an emote lets players recreate the champagne celebration pose.

The outfit also features options representing Hamilton’s love for fashion and self-expression. Customisation will no doubt be at an all-time high as the devs have tended to add more and more customisation as the series has gone on.

Timing with Mexico Grand Prix

The timing of Hamilton’s skins coincides with the Mexico City Grand Prix race weekend November 18th-20th. Epic likely hopes to capture crossover interest from real world F1 fans.

But Fortnite’s demographics also present an opportunity to introduce Hamilton as a charismatic force to younger audiences. The stylised cosmetics could lead new followers to tune into the exciting world of Formula One racing. It’s a creative crossover that satisfies multiple angles.

Save The World Mode Breaks Records

Fortnite’s long-running co-op sandbox survival mode Save the World has reached a new player count record on the heels of the current nostalgia-fueled Battle Royale season. This milestone renews hope that Epic Games will direct more resources toward improving and supporting it.

Save the World pre-dated Battle Royale as Fortnite’s original core concept focused on cooperative base building and exploration. But once the competitive 100-player mode took off, Save the World languished as Epic’s attention shifted.

Feeling Abandoned by Epic

Fortnite Save The World Default Skin

Many passionate founders who paid early access fees felt increasingly abandoned, especially after Save the World lost the ability to earn V-Bucks currency. Promises of it eventually going free-to-play also never materialised.

Meanwhile, Battle Royale exploded into perhaps the world’s biggest gaming phenomenon at its peak. The contrast left the PvE player base feeling neglected.

Renewed Interest After Battle Royale Resurgence

But the current Season OG which sent Battle Royale numbers surging has also spurred renewed interest in revisiting Save the World. The concurrent player record speaks to lingering appreciation for the mode’s unique concepts.

There is hope that this activity spike will motivate Epic to refocus efforts on supporting and evolving Fortnite’s foundation alongside Battle Royale. It offers a complementary experience rather than direct competition.

Welcome Back Founders and New Recruits

Fortnite Save The World - Penny Avoids Spike Trap
Image Credit: Epic

For now, the record presents an opportunity for long dormant founders to dust off their accounts and dive back into the horde survival action.

It also lets newcomers experience the tower defence-esque design that birthed Fortnite for a reasonable $18.49 purchase. The PvE suspense and progression syncs well with Battle Royale’s adrenaline.

Two Worthy Fortnite Pillars

Epic smartly capitalised on Battle Royale’s viral success, and it stands tall as a cultural gaming landmark today. But there is clearly still space for Save the World to coexist as a pillar celebrating the BR’s roots.

The community’s enthusiasm is ready to be tapped into again. Now it remains to be seen if Epic will oblige and nurture the title’s two compelling halves in harmony moving forward.

But for founders and recruits alike, the door is open to enjoy this unique slice of cooperative, community-driven gameplay.

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