Fortnite Meets Futurama: A Crossover from the 31st Century

Fortnite x Futurama
Fortnite x Futurama

Exciting News for Fortnite Fans! Get Ready for a Futurama Collaboration! The hit battle royale game is teaming up with the animated series, Futurama, taking players on an interstellar adventure!

Fortnite’s History of Unforgettable Collaborations

When it comes to collaborations, Fortnite’s digital realm has always been a melting pot of pop culture references. You never know who might drop onto the island next, and it’s the unpredictability of its partnerships that has made Fortnite the epic platform that it is today. Remember the moment when Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi left their Star Wars beef aside and united on Fortnite’s battlefront?

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Speaking of animated characters making the leap to Fortnite, fans have been chuckling over the rumoured arrival of Family Guy’s Peter Griffin and his feathered nemesis. Whether this is a ruse on Epic’s part or a coming reality remains in the realm of conjecture. Although this specific update doesn’t appear to have them on board, it brings an equally exciting bunch of characters from another fan-favourite animation – Futurama.

YouTube video

The official announcement arrived in a cryptic tweet from Fortnite’s Twitter account that simply said, “All Hail Hypnotoad,” accompanied by a short video clip showing the Planet Express ship crashing into an animated billboard. The suspense is sure to hold gamers in a grip until the video premieres on YouTube at 6 AM ET, July 26th. The video has since gone live and can be viewed above.

What to Expect from the Fortnite-Futurama Fusion

Here’s where things get interesting. Fortnite’s Update v25.12 was scheduled to go live on July 25th, a Tuesday, in line with Fortnite’s update tradition. However, in an unexpected twist, the update was delayed, prompting a reschedule of the Duos Cash Cup to a day earlier. The reason behind this delay is anyone’s guess, but my money’s on last-minute arrangements for the Futurama partnership.

With the Fortnite Summer Escape event wrapping up after a fortnight of festivities, gamers are in high anticipation of this Futurama collaboration. What’s on the cards? Futurama-themed skins? An overhaul of the big screen in Mega City? Or perhaps some otherworldly weapons straight from the 31st century? All will be revealed on Wednesday July 26th.

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So, strap in for the ride and get ready for a Fortnite experience that promises to be out of this world! Available on Windows PC, Mobile Devices, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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