Where to Find All Hidden Gnomes Locations In OG Fortnite

Fortnite All Gnome Locations
Fortnite All Gnome Locations

Key Highlights:

  • There are 10 Hidden Gnomes scattered across the Fortnite Battle Royale map that players can find.
  • Each Gnome grants 20,000 XP when collected.
  • The Gnomes can be tricky to spot at first, but using the white “!” indicator and knowing their locations makes finding them easy.

Locating the Hidden Gnomes in OG Fortnite

The world of the brand new Fortnite Battle Royale OG map contains many mysteries, one of which is the group of Hidden Gnomes tucked away across the map. These 10 Gnomes may be diminutive in size, but tracking them down rewards players with a hefty 20,000 XP per Gnome.

With so many excellent landing spots and points of interest in Fortnite, it’s easy for players to miss these sneaky Gnomes during matches. However, by learning their specific locations and keeping an eye out for visual clues, you’ll be able to collect the full set of Gnomes in no time.

Where to Find All the Hidden Gnomes

All Gnome Locations - Fortnite OG Junk Junction
Junk Junction (Image Credit Epic)

The Gnomes are spread far and wide rather than concentrated in any one area. Their hiding spots range from obvious to extremely well-concealed. Fortunately, there is a method to make locating them much simpler.

When you enter the proximity of a Hidden Gnome, a white exclamation point surrounded by a circle will appear on screen. This acts as a radar that signals one is nearby. With this visual cue, you can sweep areas systematically until the indicator pops up, then track it to the Gnome’s exact position.

In addition to watching for the exclamation point prompt, having a general sense of where to search helps immensely. The Gnomes can be found in these approximate locations:

  • Near a crashed bus northeast of Shift Shafts and west of Salty Springs
  • In the northern section of Dusty Divot, on an inflatable in a pond
  • Behind a van in the northern part of Risky Reels
  • In a hedge maze cage within Wailing Woods
  • On a cliff edge facing tombstones east of Paradise Palms
  • Near water in the northeast corner of Lonely Lodge
  • At the base of a statue in Greasy Grove, surrounded by bears
  • By a metal llama statue in Junk Junction
  • Inside the mineshaft in Shift Shafts, at a tea party
  • In the southern part of Pleasant Park

Tips for Collecting All the Gnomes

All Gnome Locations - Fortnite OG Risky Reels
Risky Reels

With the exclamation point indicator and knowledge of their whereabouts, gathering all 10 Hidden Gnomes is straightforward. However, keep these tips in mind to maximise your success:

  • Prioritise finding Gnomes early in matches before the storm shrinks the safe area. This provides ample time to locate them all.
  • The white indicator only appears at close range, so be methodical when searching their approximate vicinities.
  • Avoid sprinting through areas to reduce the chance of missing a Gnome.
  • After collecting one, its indicator will not reappear in that match.
  • They do not seem to respawn in different matches, so each one only needs to be collected once.

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Though it takes patience and dedication, completing challenges like this and finding all 10 Hidden Gnomes grants you 200,000 XP, making it well worth the effort. Just watch for those exclamation points, check off each location, and soon you’ll have acquired the complete Gnome set.

Fortnite is out now for Mobile Devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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