Fortnite: Where to Find All Week 3 Vikora’s Hex Tokens

Fortnite Complete Week 3 of Vikora's Hex Token Quest
Fortnite Complete Week 3 of Vikora's Hex Token Quest

Fortnite’s Chapter 4, Season 3 concludes imminently, closing the window to complete Vikora’s multi-part Hex Token quest for precious bonus XP. With seven more tokens now available across the jungle biome, locating and collecting each drives Battle Pass progress before the season expires. Act now to grab the Woven Shadowblade pickaxe reward.

Vikora’s ongoing challenges provide the fastest route to levelling by directly granting a tier per token. Without these valuable time-savers, progressing the Pass typically proves gradual and grindy. Players still have until August 25th to gather stray tokens littered around the map.

Total Time: 3 minutes

Scour the Jungle Biome for Hidden Tokens

Token Locations Fortnite Map

All seven fresh Hex Tokens await discovery within Season 3’s untamed wilderness. Seek out ziplines and vines facilitating navigation between the scattered collectibles. With the jungle’s dense overgrowth, stay vigilant locating glimmering prizes.

Token #1 Location

Fortnite Hex Token Quest

Stalk north of Rumble Ruins, ascending the hill by dusty backroads approaching The Citadel. A dirt track leads towards the first token.

Follow Ziplines to Tokens #2-4

Fortnite Follow Ziplines to Tokens 2-4

Token #2 awaits across a rickety bridge east from the dirt path. Then ride a zipline above, grabbing token #3 en route. Another line ahead provides token #4.

Vine Northeast for Tokens #5-7

Fortnite Vine Northeast for Tokens 5-7

Next, latch onto a vine shooting northeast claiming token #5 during descent. At the vine’s end, carefully climb the colossal tree to locate a final vine carrying you to tokens #6 and #7 in quick succession.

Claim Woven Shadowblade Pickaxe

Woven Shadowblade Harvesting Tool

Collecting all week three tokens with prior weeks’ hexes unlocks the sleek Woven Shadowblade pickaxe, perfect for reaping resources in style.

All Tokens Remain Until August 25th (Video Guide Below)

YouTube video

If you’re finding it hard to follow along, the quick above video tutorial should help you complete this quest in a matter of minutes easily. Persistent gatherers can chase any unclaimed tokens until Chapter 4, Season 3 concludes on August 25th, 7am BST/2am ET. Afterwards, all undiscovered hexes vanish forever, so act fast to maximise precious supercharged XP.

With the season winding down, these valuable level skips offer a final chance to redeem missed opportunities before time expires. Vikora’s multi-part quest condenses tedious grinding into compact, rewarding exploration.

Don’t squander the remaining moments left to bolster your Battle Pass standing. Wherever possible, snatch up stray XP sources to edge closer towards those elusive final rewards. Their temporary availability channels urgency.

While Chapter 4’s end heralds exciting new horizons, unfinished business remains. For collectors seeking complete sets, the stakes feel high to catch up now before coveted cosmetics get locked away into Fortnite’s vault.

So master the wilds and claim your rightful XP riches before they vanish! Let no tree or tunnel go unsearched in your hunt for glowing fortune. Check out our other Fortnite guides to help master your game even more.

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