Fortnite’s Season OG Blends Old and New with Rift Encounters

Fortnite Driftboard in the Snow
Fortnite Driftboard in the Snow

Key Highlights:

  • Fortnite adds rift encounters with Chapter 4 loot to Season OG
  • First is Grapple Glove and Anarchy Agent NPC at random locations
  • More characters and items to gradually return over following weeks
  • Includes fan favourites like Driftboards, Kinetic Blade and Shockwave Hammer
  • Stirring debate whether nostalgic OG season should mix old and new

Fortnite Rift Encounters Blend Chapters in Nostalgic Season

Fortnite’s special throwback Season OG is taking an unexpected turn by incorporating elements from the current Chapter 4 into the classic Chapter 1 setting. Starting November 9th, rift encounters will introduce various characters and items through limited time events.

Season OG aimed to invoke nostalgia by reverting to a stripped down version of original Fortnite. But rifts suggestive of time anomalies have started materialising across the island.

Grapple Glove First Through the Rift

Grapple Glove in Fortnite OG

Initially, random rift encounters will grant the Grapple Glove from Chapter 4 along with an appearance by the Anarchy Agent NPC.

The Grapple Glove provides enhanced mobility, allowing players to latch onto surfaces and reel themselves up or swing across gaps. It’s a useful rotational tool granted only temporarily through these rifts.

Over subsequent weeks, different character and item pairings will follow including:

  • Scrapknight Jules and Dirtbike vehicle
  • Stray skin and Kinetic Blade melee weapon
  • Surrr Burger outfit and Shockwave Hammer item

The powerful Shockwave Hammer looks to be a highlight, launching players into the air for quick escapes or aerial assaults.

Debate Over Blending Old and New

Fortnite Driftboard Gameplay in the Snow

While some players are delighted to gain added mobility options, others argue introducing Chapter 4 content detracts from the intended retro feeling. Other notable mobility items include the unvaulting of the classic shockwave grenades.

Season OG aimed to let veterans revisit Fortnite’s early roots before Chapter 2 evolved the game drastically. These rift encounters fuse the old and new against expectations.

However, they may serve to foreshadow whatever comes next after the OG era concludes. Rumours point to Chapter 5 launching in December, so these rifts could be laying narrative groundwork.

And items like the Quadcrasher remain Chapter 1 classics that fans are happy to see return. The rifts offer a taste of beloved mobility that was missing from strict OG Fortnite.

Take Control Across the Island

YouTube video

Speaking of vehicles, the previously mentioned Quadcrasher and more importantly, the Driftboard has made their long-awaited comeback on the original map. These hoverboards first appeared in Chapter 1, Season 6 and return as a nostalgic way to traverse the landscape.

Spawn points are scattered across all named areas like Tilted Towers, Lucky Landing and more. Simply hop on and lean to glide across land and water quickly. Hit the boost for an extra speed burst and pull off tricks for style points.

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With the season winding down, fans are eager to witness what happens when rifts potentially engulf the whole island. Will a temporal blend of old and new themes emerge?

For now, players can enjoy the bittersweet nostalgia trip down memory lane as Season OG starts exhibiting some strange Futuristic elements.

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