Pokemon GO’s 2023 Fashion Week Features Shiny Debuts

Pokemon Go Fashion Week 2023
Pokemon Go Fashion Week 2023

Key Highlights:

  • Pokemon GO bringing back annual Fashion Week event from November 15-19
  • Debuting Shiny Gothita and costumed Pokemon like Dragonite and Wooper
  • Bonuses include extra candy and candy XL, paid research rewards
  • Separately, Festival of Lights event now live spotlighting Electric types
  • Includes new additions Tadbulb and evolution Bellibolt through December 12th

Pokemon GO Festivities Light Up with Events and Bonuses

Pokemon GO trainers have plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks with two celebratory in-game events loaded with bonuses, exclusive catch types and more.

First up is the return of the popular Fashion Week event from November 15th through the 19th. Then the Festival of Lights is already underway spotlighting Electric types until December 12th.

Fashion Week Brings Stylish Pokemon

The annual Fashion Week event allows players to catch Pokemon dressed in trendy costumes. Pikachu, Wooper, Diglett and more will appear sporting accessories to show off their style.

Making its Pokemon GO debut for the event is Shiny Gothita, available in the wild for the first time. Other Shinies like Frillish and Absol will also be out in fashionable garb.

Eggs containing costumed creatures can be hatched as well. Raids will feature rare catches with accessories like Kirlia and Butterfree.

Bonuses like double catch candy and paid research with avatar items make this a week you won’t want to miss!

Festival of Lights Shines for New Additions

Pokemon Go Fashion Week 2023 Designs

The Festival of Lights is currently ongoing until December 12th, lit up with Electric types like Mareep, Chinchou and more.

Most exciting is the arrival of the new Unova region Tadbulb, an Electric/Grass type that evolves into Bellibolt. Both can be encountered through events spawns and Field Research.

There’s Timed Research to complete with rewards including an exclusive shirt avatar item. Hatching eggs earns double Stardust and candy too.

With darker winter days approaching, the augmented reality mobile title is delivering events filled with light, rewards and fun. Jump in during November and December for stylish Pokemon, new arrivals and bonuses galore.

Full Details on Pokemon GO Fashion Week:

  • New debut: Shiny Gothita
  • Costumed in the wild: Pikachu, Diglett, Croagunk
  • Costumed in raids: Butterfree, Dragonite, Absol
  • 2x catch candy and chance for XL candy
  • Egg-exclusive costumed: Smoochum, Wooper
  • Premium paid research available

Festival of Lights Features:

  • Debut Pokemon: Tadbulb and Bellibolt
  • Electric types spawning: Mareep, Voltorb, Electrike
  • Timed Research with shirt reward
  • Bonuses: 2x hatch candy/dust, Incense duration
  • Field Research for Darumaka, Morelull, Tadbulb

Both events give trainers the chance to expand their Pokedex while earning sweet bonuses and exclusive rewards. With so much happening over the coming weeks, these festivities promise to brighten up the days for all players.

Source – pokemongolive.com

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