Destiny 2 Unleashes Ritual Weapons in Season of the Wish

Destiny 2 S23 Ritual Weapons
Destiny 2 S23 Ritual Weapons

Key Highlights:

  • Destiny 2 unveils Chivalric Fire as first-ever Void Caster frame ritual sword
  • Will complete elemental trio with Solar and Arc Caster swords in game
  • Arrives in Season of the Wish, solving 5-year Forsaken mystery
  • Puzzle reveals new season name and Traveler portal teasers
  • Likely to be extended 6-7 month season before delayed Final Shape release

Destiny 2 Getting Void Sword and Clues to Final Wish in New Season

Bungie has provided some exciting details about what’s to come in Destiny 2’s next season, Season of the Wish. This includes a brand new ritual weapon and story developments that have been years in the making.

The current Season of the Witch concludes an epic saga dealing with tracking down the Witness after Lightfall. Now Season of the Wish looks set to unravel a lingering Forsaken mystery.

First Void Caster Frame Sword

As revealed in Bungie’s latest blog post, a ritual weapon called Chivalric Fire will introduce the first Legendary Void Caster sword.

Caster swords are a lightweight frame archetype allowing faster attacks compared to other classes. Up until now, only Solar and Arc options existed via Sola’s Scar and Temptation’s Hook respectively.

Chivalric Fire fills the void, completing the elemental trio. It also brings a new perk, Attrition Orbs, generating Void orbs on powered sword kills.

This Sword diversifies build options, especially Void overshield-focused ones. And it comes with Vanguard, Crucible and Gambit ornaments to unlock through activities.

The Last Wish At Last

Destiny 2 Season of the Witch Cutscene

Even more intriguing are story hints about finally uncovering the 15th hidden wish within the Forsaken Dreaming City raid.

A puzzle depicting the Traveler’s portal, an Ahamkara egg and plea for help from Ikora indicates Guardians may bargain with wish-dragons to pursue the Witness into the Traveler itself.

The Destiny 2 community solved the puzzle, unlocking the Season of the Wish nameplate and a cutscene teasing plot details.

This arc has been years in the making since Forsaken launched back in 2018. With wish-dragons nearly hunted to extinction by Guardians previously, striking a deal will prove challenging.

But it may provide the key to entering the Traveler and stopping the Witness once and for all as the Light and Dark saga builds toward a climax.

An Extended Season

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Cutscene

Bungie confirmed layoffs mean reduced scope for the Final Shape expansion now likely delayed until early 2024.

As a result, expect Season of the Wish to be stretched out to a 6-7 month runtime leading up to the DLC. It will try to revitalise engagement after Lightfall’s decline.

Some mid-season event is planned, but likely smaller in scale than 2021’s 30th Anniversary. Still, the team aims to make it an epic sendoff for the FPS’s seasonal model before the episodic structure takes over.

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Between the new Void sword, progress on an overarching narrative, and GC season activities, Season of the Wish has tons of potential as a major turning point.

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