Stranger Things Makes a Thrilling Comeback in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight x Stranger Things Collab
Dead by Daylight x Stranger Things Collab

Key Highlights:

  • Stranger Things content is officially returning to Dead by Daylight after a 2-year absence
  • Characters Nancy, Steve, and the Demogorgon are back along with the Hawkins Lab map
  • Original perk names and icons are also being restored for Stranger Things characters
  • The return coincides with Stranger Things Day promotions including a Fortnite collab
  • No new Stranger Things content was announced but may be possible in a second chapter

Stranger Things Makes Long-Awaited Dead by Daylight Return

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After 2 years away, the Stranger Things DLC is finally making its return to the popular multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight. The crossover content starring characters like Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington departed the game in 2021 but is now back by popular demand.

The Demogorgon killer, Nancy and Steve survivor characters, Hawkins National Laboratory map, and all associated cosmetics are being restored. This satisfies many Dead by Daylight players who missed experiencing the game’s most iconic licenses.

Even small touches like the Stranger Things-inspired perk names and icons will be reverted back to their original stylings. The return coincides with annual Stranger Things Day promotions including a new crossover in Fortnite.

Fans Ecstatic for Comeback of Fan Favourite Content

Excitement around Stranger Things returning to Dead by Daylight has been building for some time. Earlier this year, dataminers discovered traces of the disabled Hawkins Lab map hidden in the game’s code.

This fuelled speculation that Netflix and developer Behaviour Interactive were negotiating the license’s return. Fans regularly advocated for the content via social media, hoping the franchise would someday make a comeback.

Now that the day has finally arrived, the Dead by Daylight community is celebrating the restoration of some of the asymmetrical multiplayer game’s most iconic characters and settings. It represents a major content victory.

Door Open for More Stranger Things Crossovers

Fortnite Eleven from Stranger Things Cinematic

While no new Stranger Things additions were announced yet, the return of the initial chapter provides hope that Behaviour could produce more content updates in the future.

Previous leaks indicated a potential Chapter 2 themed around the TV show was in early development at one point. Now that the license is back in the fold, opportunities exist to expand on the crossover with new characters and cosmetics.

As one of horror gaming’s biggest franchises, more Stranger Things would be welcomed by Dead by Daylight’s committed fanbase. Behaviour could regularly refresh the content over time to sustain interest.

The Upside Down and Mind Flayer offer plenty of skin inspiration for killers, while heroes like Eleven, Jonathan, and Joyce are ripe survivor candidates. More maps like Joyce’s home or the Wheelers’ basement would also be fitting. Arguably the king of horror crossovers, the survival title has seen collabs even recently with the Alien franchise and a crossover skin of Naughty Bear.

For now, the long-requested restoration of the popular TV show’s initial inclusion gives Behaviour and Netflix time to formulate future plans. But Chapter 2 likely awaits on the horizon to deepen the imaginative crossover possibilities.

Fortnite Also Joins Stranger Things Day Celebrations

Fortnite x Stranger Things - Eleven Arrives

Coinciding with the Dead by Daylight news, Fortnite likewise introduced a Stranger Things tie-in for the celebration Day. Cosmetic skins for characters like Eleven and Chief Hopper arrived in the item shop.

The Fortnite crossover follows previous horror-themed skins for franchises like Alan Wake 2 and Michael Myers from Halloween appearing around the spooky season.

Between Dead by Daylight and Fortnite, Stranger Things continues demonstrating its cultural impact through prominent collaborations in gaming and beyond. Fans now hope the unlocked potential results in further crossovers with both titles in the future.

More Dead by Daylight Content:

For now, the community happily welcomes Hawkins’ heroes and monsters back for more terrifying confrontations in the realm of The Entity. The looming Demogorgon once again hungers amidst the eerie red haze and string lights of the Hawkins Lab map.

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