Epic Games vs. Google: Fortnite’s Legal Battle Over Antitrust Claims

Fortnite Season OG Golf Cart Gameplay in Tilted Towers
Fortnite Season OG Golf Cart Gameplay in Tilted Towers

Key Highlights:

  • Epic Games has taken Google to court alleging antitrust violations over Google Play store policies
  • Epic claims the 30% commission on in-app purchases represents monopolistic rent-seeking
  • This lawsuit echoes Epic’s similar 2020 case against Apple’s App Store over commissions
  • Meanwhile, Fortnite’s nostalgia-focused Season OG attracted record player counts but has risks
  • Relying too much on nostalgia could stunt Fortnite’s creative growth long-term

Epic Games Sues Google Over Alleged Monopoly Abuse

Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against Google accusing the tech giant of antitrust violations related to policies surrounding the Google Play app store on Android devices.

The suit centres on Google Play’s requirement that apps use its in-app payment system, for which Google charges a 30% commission on purchases. Epic claims this represents monopolistic rent-seeking behaviour that stifles competition.

Epic intentionally violated Google’s commission policies in 2020 by adding direct payment options to Fortnite, leading to its removal from Play. This lawsuit echoes Epic’s similar antitrust case against Apple over App Store commissions.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG Cinematic with Mini-gun

The gaming company argues that Google has eliminated competitive distribution avenues for Android apps through contractual and technical barriers designed to force developers into the Google Play ecosystem.

However, Google maintains its open Android policies foster greater overall competition relative to Apple’s locked-down iOS approach. The trial will have major implications for Google’s future stewardship of the Play marketplace.

Fortnite’s Nostalgic Season Attracts Record Players

In separate Fortnite news, the battle royale’s recent Season OG update capitalising heavily on nostalgia attracted an all-time high of 44.7 million players in one day.

Bringing back beloved locations, weapons, and gameplay removed from current Fortnite, Season OG enticed droves of veteran players to revisit the game. The fact that the popular zero build mode was kept in was a turning point for many. But relying too much on nostalgia long-term poses creative risks.

Once the novelty of nostalgic content wears off, retaining players will require compelling new innovations driving the game forward. Finding balance between celebrating the past and pioneering the future remains an ongoing challenge.

Rather than wholly revert to a past-focused retro season, Epic should integrate OG elements to complement new ideas sustaining Fortnite’s dynamic energy. Having the Chapter 1 map as a separate playable mode seems to be the best idea moving forward.

Fortnite Season OG Grapple Gun in Tilted Towers
Grapple Gun in Tilted Towers

Accessible evolutions of building and combat marrying Fortnite’s foundations with its expanding scope could fulfil both camps. Occasional story events revisiting classic characters and lore would provide nostalgia alongside main narrative advancement.

The solution lives in moderation. Actively growing Fortnite as one interconnected, ever-changing metaverse must remain Epic’s focus. But judiciously celebrating the title’s legacy via events, skins, and limited modes satiates nostalgic cravings while rewarding dedicated players. There’s no-doubt that the title will bring out new content like a whole new map when season 6 arrives.

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While Google faces external legal pressure, Epic Games contends with internal pressures to keep the battle royale feeling fresh amidst massive competition. However, record high turnout for Season OG highlights the enduring love many fans harbour for the BR title at its peak.

Fortnite is out now on PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Mobile Devices.

Source – BBC

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