Ka-chow! Lightning McQueen Races into Rocket League in DLC Bundle

Rocket League Welcomes Lightning McQueen From Cars
Rocket League Welcomes Lightning McQueen From Cars

Key Highlights:

  • Rocket League is adding Lightning McQueen from Cars as a playable character via a branded bundle
  • The $25 bundle includes decals, wheels, goal explosion, player anthem, and more themed items
  • Fans have long requested Lightning McQueen’s addition to the racer’s diverse lineup
  • In separate news, esports organisation Luminosity Gaming is returning to Rocket League competition
  • Luminosity acquired two top free agents and expects to compete for championships right away

Lightning McQueen Zooms into Rocket League for Unique Crossover

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The developers of Rocket League have announced the iconic Lightning McQueen from Disney/Pixar’s Cars franchise will be added as a playable character. This represents the multiplayer sports hit’s latest pop culture crossover.

A $25 Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle provides the car body along with themed decals, wheels, goal explosion, player banner, and more. Fans will finally be able to live out their “Ka-chow” dreams.

As of November 7th 2023, the comprehensive Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle will be at your fingertips for a mere 2,500 in-game credits, featuring the following components:

Lightning McQueen Car (Dominus Hitbox)Drive in style with the iconic red race car.
Rust-eze DecalAdd the Rust-eze logo for an authentic touch.
Dinoco DecalShow your support for Dinoco with this themed decal.
Cruisin’ DecalGive Lightning McQueen extra flair with this decal.
Lightyear Racing WheelsEnhance both performance and appearance.
Lightyear Dinoco WheelsA must-have for Cars and Rocket League enthusiasts.
Lightyear Whitewall WheelsClassic whitewall wheels for a nostalgic touch.
Ka-chow Goal ExplosionCelebrate goals with an electrifying explosion.
Lightning McQueen Player BannerDisplay your allegiance to Team Lightning McQueen.
“Life Is A Highway” Player AnthemGroove to Rascal Flatts’ catchy player anthem.

Lightning McQueen has been one of the most fan-requested fictional additions to Rocket League’s diverse and growing lineup. The character’s popularity in memes and strong car association make him a perfect fit for the football racer’s high-octane action.

Crossover Signals Rocket League’s Mainstream Appeal

The Lightning McQueen Bundle Available from Nov 7th 2023 in Rocket League

While Rocket League also features real-world brands like BMW, the Disney/Pixar’s Cars crossover displays the title’s expanding mainstream pop culture appeal.

Iconic fictional vehicles like Back to the Future’s DeLorean and Batman’s Batmobile have graced the vehicular footy game in the past as well. Lightning McQueen joins the ranks of playable crossovers transcending gaming.

These fan-service additions generate buzz and attract players less familiar with Rocket League’s esports scene who simply enjoy representing their favourite characters.

Expanding the scope beyond strict realism gives the title creative freedom to pursue licensed collaborations that feel authentic to the game’s style and customise-friendly spirit.

Customisation Still Core of Rocket League’s Identity

The Lightning McQueen Car Body in Rocket League

Even as Rocket League branches into new media territory, deep customisation remains central to the experience. Players invest to express themselves creatively.

The Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle doesn’t just offer the instantly recognisable stock race car. A range of themed decals, wheels, goal explosions, banners, and anthems allow fine-tuning Lightning McQueen to your style.

These accents let players put their own spin on the Cars character while staying true to his identity. Customisation enables individuality within the welcoming casual competition.

Lightning McQueen gives car lovers and pop culture fans alike another outlet for imagination. The racer continues excelling at player expression through extensive cosmetic and now crossover content.

Luminosity Gaming Rejoining Rocket League Competitive Scene

In separate news, renowned esports organisation Luminosity Gaming has announced it will be returning to Rocket League competition in 2023.

After a one-year absence, Luminosity has acquired two of the top free agent players in Retals and MaJicBear. The organisation aims to contend for championships right away upon re-entering Rocket League.

Parent company Enthusiast Gaming sees renewed involvement in the esports scene as an opportunity to expand Luminosity’s gaming footprint. The moves complement Luminosity’s content creators and teams in other esports titles as well. The vehicle football game recently revealed that the player-to-player trading feature will be permanently removed, which did not go down well within the community.

With Lightning McQueen’s debut and Luminosity’s return, Rocket League continues evolving as a creative outlet, competitor incubator, and multimedia phenomenon. The one-of-a-kind sports hybrid shows no signs of slowing down.

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