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Star Trek The Video Game Review

Our Star Trek The Video Game Review

Star Trek: The Video Game set between the 2009 film and the upcoming new one the story here has also been written with input from the Transformers duo. Although it isn’t quite as absurd as the film it still revolves around an unlikely super weapon that the Vulcans have created for reasons never adequately explained […]

Legacy of Romulus Screenshot

Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus Screenshots & New Trailer Released

The upcoming Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus video game has had screenshots and an all new teaser trailer released today by Cryptic. The MMO expansion is out in May this year. The massively multiplayer online role-playing game is one of the biggest on the Internet today. Competing against well know games like League of […]

Star Wars: Episode VII Game Talk

With the vast rumours circulating around the Internet about the popular movie director J.J. Abrams apparently directing Star Wars Episode 7, we look at a possible game. The news come out just over half an hour ago that the Star Trek director is taking the helms. The massive experience that J.J. Abrams brings to the […]

Star Trek The Video Game Gets Release Date

There has been a date set today for the release of the new Star Trek the video game. It will be released on April 26th 2013 approximately 3 weeks before the actual movie (Star Trek Into Darkness) has it’s big day. The game is supposedly set a little after the first 2009 revamp movie and […]