Star Trek The Video Game Gets Release Date

There has been a date set today for the release of the new Star Trek the video game. It will be released on April 26th 2013 approximately 3 weeks before the actual movie (Star Trek Into Darkness) has it’s big day.

The game is supposedly set a little after the first 2009 revamp movie and up until the latest movie. The game is only at the beginning of it’s initial development but will be released in the time that has been stated.

The game makers “Namco” also let gamers know about their pre order program and all the details which go with it. Their will be a Elite Officer Pack that will be made available for purchase. Buying this pack will result in bonus uniforms and weapons to use in Star Trek the video game.

These bonuses will be for Captain James T Kirk and Commander Spock respectively. These are the two main characters in the video game which will not surprise trekkers or anybody for that matter.

There will be a downloadable version that will become available on the PlayStation network and PC. Star Trek the official video game will be available on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC gaming consoles next April.

Star Trek The Video Game

Star Trek: The Video Game

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