Star Trek: Infinite Sets Course for Final Frontier Strategy

Star Trek Infinite

Set Phasers to Fun: Star Trek: Infinite Warps Onto PC and MAC October 12th.

Star Trek Infinite

Paradox Interactive and Nimble Giant light the candles on Star Trek’s birthday cake this October. An all-new grand strategy adventure arrives to celebrate the enduring sci-fi saga’s enduring legacy.

Star Trek: Infinite launches October 12th, stranding players on the final frontier as one of four iconic alpha/beta quadrant powers. Though based on Paradox’s complex Stellaris engine, the developers streamline systems for accessibility.

To get an idea of what to expect from the upcoming title, check out the game features trailer below.

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Pick Iconic Factions Like Federation, Klingons and More

At the helm, assume control of the United Federation of Planets, Romulan Star Empire, Cardassian Union or Klingon Empire. Each faction sports unique bonuses, technologies and narrative events straight from established lore.

Fresh opportunity for exploration beyond the known also arises. Infinite introduces uncharted stars and civilisations to make first contact with. Expect deep space voyages only loosely tethered to canon.

Paradox acknowledges the game “leverages the deep and complex systems” of their prior grand strategy hit Stellaris. But aspects are intentionally simplified to better match Star Trek’s optimistic vision.

Infinite still delivers robust empire management mechanics while steering clear of Stellaris’ overwhelming minutiae. Refined resource gathering and faction relationship dynamics promise busy but intuitive exploration.

Pre-purchase bonuses include Lower Decks uniform options to channel the lighthearted spinoff. A special Cerritos science vessel also boosts minor nations through Second Contact events. Klingon Admirals yell “Qapla!” for bonus immersion.

Mod Support But No Native Linux Version at Launch

Star Trek Infinite - Game Features

Unfortunately, Infinite beams aboard without Stellaris’ native Linux client. Porting complex modifiers like the Clausewitz Engine poses challenges developers cited.

But Windows PC remains fully supported alongside achievements, mods, cloud saves and other Steamworks features. Players can craft custom missions or overhaul visuals once released.

With the final frontier’s endless possibilities, creative community expansion seems assured post-launch. Mods can flesh out additional Trek eras like Voyager or DS9.

For now, pre-orders are clearly engaged awaiting official launch. Infinite channels the original 60s series’ spirit of possibility and curiosity rather than darker modern reboots.

Whether playing a hopeful Federation or ruthless Klingon Empire, Infinite embraces Trek’s essence: seeking out new life among the stars. Strategy fans have an engaging voyage ahead charting the galaxy’s fate this fall.

Star Trek: Infinite will launch on October 12th for MAC and Windows PC.

Source – Polygon

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