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Halo 5

Halo 5 Logo Seen In New Xbox One Video

The impressive animation studio that was behind the work done for the Halo teaser trailer that was first shown at E3 2013 has launched a new video that shows a Halo 5 logo in it. The Vimeo video was produced by Axis Animation and directed by John Allardice. You’ve most likely seen the footage before a number […]

TESO Beta Sign-ups

The Elder Scrolls Online Has Acquired 3 Million Beta Sign-ups

The Elder Scrolls Online closed beta testing has totaled well over 3 million users signing-up and taking part since it’s launch. Bethesda’s Matt Firor told PCGamesN that: We’ve had well over 3 million beta sign-ups, which we haven’t announced before. PCGamesN decided to compare this to the beta stages of Guild Wars 2, with sales […]

Fable Legends Single Player

Fable Legends Will Support Single-Player Mode

over at the Lionhead studios forums, there was a F&Q where the developers confirmed that although the title will require an always-on Internet connection, it can indeed be playable solo as well. Here’s the full facts and questions thread below: Fable Legends is being made with the Fable spirit firmly in mind. However, this is […]

Call of Duty Ghosts Cloud Servers

Xbox One: COD Ghosts Receives Cloud-Powered Dedicated Servers

COD: Ghosts is to have dedicated servers that are to be cloud-powered, Activision have confirmed today. The news was confirmed at Microsoft’s pre-Gamescom press event. Not only that, a brand new game mode entitled Blitz was shown to the public as well. Not stopping there either, a new map named Chasm, which is set on […]

Fable Legends Xbox One

Fable legends Announced For Xbox One

Fable legends was officially announced today at Microsoft’s very own gamescom event, and it’ll be an Xbox One exclusive as well. In it’s pre-gamescom presser, Microsoft showed off the new trailer for the game which showed off various of Albion’s heroes, from archers, warriors and mages, which were walking through a super-cool pop-up forest world. […]

FIFA 14 Xbox One

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends Trailer, Xbox One Exclusive

A new game mode entitled FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends was unveiled at Microsoft’s Xbox One press event in Cologne, Germany today. The new trailer can be viewed below: Electronic Arts did confirm that the mode would contain the best footballing legends from all across the beautiful game’s long history. It is to be an […]

Microsoft Launch Xbox One Upcoming Games Trailer

Just before their all-important Gamescom event that’s scheduled for tomorrow morning, Microsoft have decided to release a brand new trailer that showcases all of their upcoming games that will be featuring on the slick next-gen platform. Some of the titles that are featured in the video are as follows: Halo – Xbox One exclusive Assassin’s […]

Dead Rising 3 Trailer

New Dead Rising 3 CG Trailer Surfaces

A new trailer for the Xbox One Exclusive title “Dead Rising 3” has surfaced online today! Potential viewers of the video must note that the footage contains violence, gore and a lot of swearing. For viewers who’d come to expect this from a Dead Rising trailer, and are not easily offended, there’s plenty of zombie […]

Batman Arkham Origins News

Batman: Arkham Origins Won’t Release On Xbox One or PS4

Warner Bros. Montreal have confirmed that their upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins title will not be launching on any of the two next-gen consoles. Ben Mattes, who’s the game’s senior producer revealed the news via his personal Twitter account. He was responding to another tweet from a fan of the series wanting to know if the […]

COD Ghosts Next-Gen Transfer

COD: Ghosts DLC Season Pass & Profiles Transfer To Cross-Gen

It’s been announced that players who decide to purchase Call of Duty: Ghosts on the current-gen video game consoles, will have the option to import their profiles onto the next-generation platforms. Gamers must note however, the transferring system only works for the selected brands. So for example, PS3 data won’t be able to be transferred […]