Halo 5 Might Have Release Date In 2013

A little over a couple of months and people are already discussing possibilities of a new Halo 5 game to come out. Halo4 has only just been released roughly about a couple of months ago and we have barely had anytime to enjoy that so far. Yet there are various sources on the Internet already spreading rumours of a 5th installment.

We must say in defence to these organisations and people that it has been confirmed that work on another new game is underway as we speak. The makers 343 industries certainly don’t waste anytime when it comes to productivity. Many websites and company’s are trying the guess the name of the new Halo 5 title.

We think that it is far too early for rumours and gossip to be going on about a game this quickly. I mean we are a news site don’t get us wrong, we just think that Halo 4 has only just been released and there has barely been any enjoyment out of that yet.

We will, however be bringing you more on any occurrences or story’s on Halo 5 as they come in leading up to it’s official release date. We want to know what you really think about whether or not it is too soon to be talking about anew game.

Do you agree with us and think that it is disrespectful to Halo 4 a couple of months after it’s long awaited release? Tell us your own thoughts in the comment box below.

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