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Halo 5 Logo Seen In New Xbox One Video

Halo 5

The impressive animation studio that was behind the work done for the Halo teaser trailer that was first shown at E3 2013 has launched a new video that shows a Halo 5 logo in it. The Vimeo video was produced by Axis Animation and directed by John Allardice.

Halo 5
Halo 5

You’ve most likely seen the footage before a number of times, but this time it’s got the Halo 5 image appearing and it looks like at some-point that it was initially intended to be focused on the latest installment in the series. Microsoft have since denied this, and don’t look like they want to comment any further on the matter, which is fair enough.

There’s reason to believe that a new addition to the series, will not be a spin-off, but instead be a continuation of the story-line. With regards to Halo 5, all we know is it will be coming to the Xbox One and run at 60FPS. Keep up to date with us and check back periodically to see if there’s anymore developments on this story. You can check out the Vimeo clip by clicking on the link below and leave your comments on what you think about it in the box.

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