Mass Effect 3 To Join Minecraft Xbox 360 As A DLC

During this month, Minecraft Xbox 360 will be receiving a surprisingly cool downloadable content pack in the form of a Mass Effect 3 add-on. 4J Studios have decided to merge the two hugely successful video games together as a DLC pack in what’s expected to be the funnest yet!

Minecraft Mass Effect Edition

Minecraft Mass Effect Edition

There will be plenty of character skins included, as well as a whole host of textures added in too from the long-running series which is in conjunction with BioWare. The release date for the Minecraft: Mass Effect Edition is September 4th on Xbox Live, and it’ll cost players £2.50/$3.99.

The DLC will add the popular Mars Facility that was showcased in Mass Effect 3, and it’s also going to give players the option to edit it. There’s themed items and new textures to craft, and 22 music tracks and 36 characters skins from the shooter too. We’ve posted two images for your viewing pleasure below, what do you think of the latest addition to Minecraft? Share your thoughts by commenting in the box.

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