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Minecraft Mass Effect Edition

Mass Effect 3 To Join Minecraft Xbox 360 As A DLC

During this month,¬†Minecraft Xbox 360 will be receiving a surprisingly cool downloadable content pack in the form of a Mass Effect 3 add-on.¬†4J Studios have decided to merge the two hugely successful video games together as a DLC pack in what’s expected to be the funnest yet! There will be plenty of character skins included, […]

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Tips

Mass Effect 3 Online Multiplayer Tips

Survival and mission completion are the climax of the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer online game. To achieve this, players must overcome and kill various enemies involved in the play. Mass Effect 3 enemies are classified into Reapers, Cerberus and Geth. The following are the most important Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer tips that guarantee players’ survival […]

No Mass Effect 3 DLC For Wii U

It is not a good day if you are a Wii U and a Mass Effect 3 owner today! Game developers BioWare announced the other week of some extra add-ons for the game. The new DLC will include Reckoning and Citadel as the respected add-ons for the game. However, the downloadable content will only release […]

Mass Effect 3 Reckoning Doesn’t Include New Maps

BioWare have confirmed in the last day the latest DLC named Mass Effect 3: Reckoning. This is to be the last ever downloadable content released for the video game. The popular multiplayer game has been a massive hit with gamers around the world. Now though, it has come to light that Reckoning won’t include any […]

Mass Effect Has Amazing Uplift

For all the hardcore Mass Effect fans out there, this week you will have noticed that the first game has been re released on the PlayStation 3. Not only that, a trilogy of all three games has also been launched today on the exact same console. This revamped edition of the game is obviously better […]