Mass Effect Has Amazing Uplift

Mass Effect
Mass Effect

For all the hardcore Mass Effect fans out there, this week you will have noticed that the first game has been re released on the PlayStation 3. Not only that, a trilogy of all three games has also been launched today on the exact same console.

This revamped edition of the game is obviously better but fans of the series are asking just how much is it? Well we thankfully are at hand to tell you the benefits that you will get if you went out and purchased the uplifted version today.

First of all the production team had decided to team up with another company for this risky relaunch. We say risky, because some fans might of wanted the game to be left alone exactly the way it was. People don’t like things changed when they do not need to be. The old saying of when it’s not broken don’t try and fix it springs to mind on this occasion.

The game developers said that they had worked with the third party on other versions of the game so they had knowledge of the Mass Effect games already at hand. They went on to say that they did want to keep the look and feel of the original game still in the revamped version as well.

Adding better visual effects as well as improved lighting and audio to the game to really make it sparkle and stand out. Although Mass Effect re-released original title is out today, the trilogy will become available as of tomorrow.

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