The Xbox Makes More Sales Than Wii U & Wii

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Xbox Wii

It has been a good month for the Xbox rather than the Wii or Wii u in terms of profit and sales made. Not such a great month for video games or the industry as a whole though. According to reports, sales are down by this time last year at an incredible 11% decrease.

The whole gaming industry made a very respectful $2.5 Billion with the Wii and Wii u being completely outdone and sold by the Xbox 360. What the reports don’t mention is that these were only retail based statistics that had been taken into consideration.

Offline Sales Make The Difference

This was in fact not taking into account all the digital sales that were made which pay a big part in profit and sales figures in any market today. The online side of things has to be taken into context for the real results to speak for themselves so to speak.

Retail sales only make up on average 50% of total sales so that could be taken as nearly double than what the reports are actually saying. We could be talking about nearly $4 Billion instead of the final report that NPD analyst say.

Not that you need telling as you could have guessed anyway, but the best selling games of the month are not shocking. Call of duty Black ops 2, Assassins creed 3 and Halo 4 make up just the top three games that are selling the most.

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