Nintendo Setup DSI & 3DS Console Sales

Nintendo Sale

Nintendo are putting up a sale of refurbished 3DS and DSI consoles on their official website. The giant gaming company have said that the handhelds have been completely tested, cleaned and fully inspected. The refurbished products will have a one-year guarantee on them, much like the brand new products have.

From what we can tell, these refurbished consoles are only available to purchase via Nintendo’s official website. No retailers have been involved with this sale put on by the gaming giants. Perhaps over the course of the weeks ahead, other major retailers may become more involved.

Nintendo have also stated that the consoles will be completely functional and work like any other DSI or 3DS. The refurbished consoles have been given minor cosmetic blemishes to upgrade them. There’s currently a wide range of consoles out of the two to choose from, but Nintendo may alter the list in the future.

Here’s what is in the full list at this present moment in time:

  • Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D = £109
  • Metallic Rose Nintendo DSi XL and Mario Kart DS = £83
  • Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS = £83
  • Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS = £83
  • Midnight Blue Nintendo DSi XL = £64
  • Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D = £109
  • Metallic Rose Nintendo DSi XL = £64

As we’ve already said, there are no other retailers currently selling these products but there may be in the future. Nintendo have said that the refurbished consoles can only be acquired from their official website, whether that will change or not is another question.

The unique Aqua Blue 3DS handheld may sell the best out of the pick of the bunch due to it not being available to buy anywhere anymore. The console is not in production at all and this is possibly the only place in where it will be made available to buy.

Will you be buying a new refurbished console from the Nintendo website? What do you think of this idea from them? Let us know all of your thoughts on this story by leaving a reply in our comments section that’s designated below the article.

Nintendo Sale
Nintendo Sale

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