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Battlefield 3: Aftermath Expansion Pack Out Now

Battlefield 3 Aftermath

The fourth and probably the last expansion pack for the video game Battlefield 3 has now officially been released with immediate effect. The expansion pack is named as Aftermath and will be available on the PS3, PC and Xbox 360 consoles.

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The PlayStation 3 console owners can download this expansion if they are already a Battlefield 3 premium subscriber. It can be downloaded for the PC version and Xbox live on the date set December 18th.

The latest pack introduces 4 brand new maps to explore and use to really bring out a whole new feel to the game. You can hide behind some tall building s and the maps do prove to be a worthy addition to the series. This expansion pack will no doubt be a massive hit with gamers who like the Battlefield franchise more than any other shooter game.

Battlefield 3 Aftermath
Battlefield 3 Aftermath

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